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Sharing something very beautiful...

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I was sent this link by a dear friend, and wanted to share it with each of you, to inspire you and brighten your day. It's really beautiful. You may want to have your sound on LOW. Click on the word LIFE on the opening page, and ENJOY:


(It made me cry. I think I am overly emotional lately. Nice tears, though.)


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Thanks, that was really beautiful. I know what you mean about being a little emotional. That has been me lately. Sorry I've been out of this loop. I have had many visits lately. Daughter, grandkids and best friend. It has been the best medicine.

Now back to the real world. 4 chemos down, 2 to go, then radiation, brachy etc.
Thanks again for the beautiful site.

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Someone had sent this to me earlier. It really makes you think of all you have to be thankful for. I know what you mean about being emotional. A couple of weeks ago it did not take much for the tears to flow. Luckily that passed as I don't like to cry so easily. Someone once told me they thought their tear ducts were connected to their kidneys. Sometimes I think mine are too. Hope you are having a good day. HUGS to you.

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That was beautiful! My opinion is if the tears are flowing... let them flow. I used to hold tears back, now I just let them out. Gradually it seems that the times that I feel that way come less frequently. I think this journey has made me a much more sensitive person, or possibly just made it easier to share my feelings with others. I suppose that is one of the positives of cancer.

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