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I am DONE. After a hysterecomy, 25 IMRT and 4 HDR treament I am now done with treatment. I have a 2% chance of the endrometral cancer coming back but I can live with those odds. I was diagnosised with endrometral cancer on 1/20 and had surgey via DeVinic robot on 2/20 was found to have grade 2 stage 2b. Due to the staging and that the cancer had just invaded my cervix we chose to have the radiaiton treatments. My doctors are great and the nurses that work with them are even better. I live in Minnesota and was treated thru Minnesota Oncology Dr Casey she was great very understanding and very good with my husband(I am a nurse and did tons of research). IMRT was done at Mapplewood Cancer Center with Dr Belliars and HDR was at Abbott Radialogy with Dr Monyak. Every one I came in contect with treated me with respect and dignity. This site has been a big help since I felt like no one else knew what I was going thru but all the gals on this site are life savers Thank you all for your suppport. Just because I am done does not mean i will not continue to be here. I will be back to work in 2 weeks and can't wait to live "normal" again

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I'm so HAPPY for you! I can only imagine your JOY! Deanna will be joining you soon, as she has her lasty-last-LAST chemo-#-6 next week. I can't join hands in the HAPPY DANCE until almost July, but with each treatment I feel myself moving closer to the GLORIOUS day that you are experiencing. CHAMPAGNE is in order!! Woo Woo!

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That is wonderful news. I asm glad you had such a positive experience and that you have such low chance of the cancer coming back. Continue to keep the positive attitude. Godd luck with going back to work, and resuming your "normal" life. I can't wait until I can post the same good news. HUGS to you.

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Congrats on completing your treatment. Good luck starting your "new" life... cancer free. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing once in a while.

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Congrats and best.

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Teresa 61
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Congratulations on the completion of your treatments.....

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Congrats on completing treatment. God Bless you.

Mary Ann

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We're Happy Dancing with You, You, You!

Go Nursey! Go Nursey! Go Nursey!

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Looks like an excellent prognosis. May you live long and thrive. Mary Ann on San Francisco Bay.

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