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Referrals to Walter Reed for Prostate Cancer and the after-effects

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It seems that the military may increase it's referrals to Walter Reed. Seems that more emphasis is being put on the treatment for Prostate Cancer there.I had read that they have strenghtened their programs. In my case, being retired military, I was not auhorized to go out of network, so I am hoping that Walter Reed can give me the proper care for my incontinence---3yrs later, I have decided to take the necessary steps to get dry. I have read of others who tolerated incontinence for 6 yrs plus, then finally did the SLin or AUS. It's amazing how we dealing with the after-effects of PC can endure. But, when there is treatment out there that may work, everyone has their point of tolerance.

Based of my surgeon's recommendation---he said give it two years for natural healing----well I gave it three.

3 Jun----I'll be at Walter Reed--redo my uryodynamics----same as I did locally with my urologist in Florida. My Florida urologist did everything he could for me---he recommended I pursue more advanced help---I'll move forward from here-----------------------


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