Hereditary stomach cancer/cancer young

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Has anyone on here got stomach cancer in their 20's or have a family history of the disease?

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    I responded to you on the
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    My name is Trish and my 17 year old daughter has just been tested for hereditary stomach cancer.The gene is on the paternal side and 2 aunts aged 17 and 36 died from this cancer.Her grandad also died 35 years ago from the same.My daughter's cousins have both had complete stomach removal and as I have four children their is going to be a lot of worrying to come in the future,on a positive note all four relatives who had surgery are fine .We live in Ireland but you are welcome to get in contact whenever you want.

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    stomach cancer young

    Thanks to everyone who replied to my message about stomach cancer young- it will be great to keep in touch and your stories have really helped me. I hope you are all doing well. I am still waiting for the results of a gene test to see if i have the CDH1 gene mutation that causes diffuse stomach cancer to run in families xx