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Good News!

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We just came back from our follow-up appointment with my husband's oncologist and I'm relieved and happy to report that last Thursday's scans showed no sign of cancer.

My husband was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2006 and later the staging was raised to stage 4.

Happy happy happy day!


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That is wondeful news. You have to celebrate!

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Congratulations on hearing those Magic Letters NED!!


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That is more than wonderful news... that is FABULOUS news!!! I hope you and hubby are going to go out and celebrate BIG TIME!! Do something special for both of you... you both deserve to treat and pamper yourselves for having gone through this incredibly stressful journey... and come out smiling!!

Not only is this a happy, happy, happy day for both of you... it is for the rest of us as well! This is proof positive that NO ONE knows where this journey will take us, but there are lights at the end of a lot of tunnels for a lot of people :)

I am thrilled for you and your husband, Hatshepsut!!!



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Another is now dancing with NED. This is the only dance partner I know that does not mind all the attention :)

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That is awesome news. It is amazing to hear another great story of survival. Go celebrate and do something really special.


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Great news! Congratulations! Have fun celebrating!


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Thank you for sending some great news this way.
I'm very happy for you both.

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Congratulations to you and your husband! Wonderful news that you can celebrate-I'm so happy for you both.


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That is just great.


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That is wonderful news!!!
We are dealing with Stage IV disease as well, and I am finding tons of encouraging news here.

Bless you and family :)!

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That is outstanding news and I am so happy for you both. Keep up the great work!!! That diet y'all are on is working!!!

I send cyber hugs to you both and am thrilled to add another NED stage IV survivor to our growing "club".

Lisa P.

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Can you share the diet information about the diet you are following? I know I would love to get more diet information that will help me. Thanks!


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Thank you for sharing that great news! Celebrate!

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What wonderful news. Go and have some fun!!

Take care!

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Nekkid happy dances for you and your husband! Congrats to you and your entire family.


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What wonderful news!
As someone else said, hearing someone else's good news makes me have more hope about my own situation. Enjoy and celebrate LIFE!!


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Best wishes and I hope that your husband's recovery continues to go well.

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Thank you for sharing this wonderful news - it makes all of us feel better, hearing good stories like yours - IT CAN HAPPEN!

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What wonderful news! It encourages me in my battle, as I am close to starting chemo Round #3 (May 18). Thank you for sharing.

Happy Dancing for you both right now. Not naked, don't want to scare the cat! Vicki

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That is just the best news ever!! Way to go!

Happy Dance

God Bless ya

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That is wonderful news....remember when I heard NED,
I hung up the phone and shouted as loud as I could...
several times......it felt so GOOD....then I danced
around the house.....it is such a great emotional
boost after going through surgery, and chemo and
all the lousy stuff that goes with that. Congrats.


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That is great news! I got my good news today too. Isn't it wonderful to be dancing with NED. .. lol go out and celebrate you deserve it.


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I'm so happy for you! NED is a wonderful name!!!!


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More than you can know, I have appreciated your many notes of congratulation and encouragement.

As many of you counseled us in those notes, we seized the opportunity to celebrate our good news. After three years of ever-present stress, we had a bottle of champagne, ate our favorite Indian comfort food and enjoyed an early bedtime--sleeping for hours and hours without the bad dreams that have marred so many nights.

Personally, it has been an awful three years since my husband's diagnosis, made more difficult for me by the fact that I lost my father to cancer (multiple myeloma) many years ago. For my father, there were few treatments, very little hope and no insurance. His death devastated my family. Because of that experience, it has been very difficult for me to embrace the fact that cancer treatments and/or complementary treatments make hopeful prognoses possible--even for people who are diagnosed with stage IV disease.

To be honest with you, though, I posted our news with a certain amount of guilt and reluctance. I am acutely aware that everyone on this board needs good news. Everyone on this board (and every family member of people on this board) desperately wants to sit in their oncologist's office and be told that they are NED. This time, it was my husband's turn, but I truly believe that many of you who are fighting valiantly will have your turns, too.

Thank you for celebrating with us yesterday but know that my husband's good medical news is good medical news for us all.

Thank you, too, to the American Cancer Society and the members of this board for insisting that this board be a safe, comforting, and informed place where anyone in our diverse world who suffers from this awful disease can feel welcome and accepted. Colon cancer does not discriminate; it's ravages transcend our differences.


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Congratulations on the good news.I also got good news today I made
a post same title as yours you can read it if you want it has been a long
fight and still healing.

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What a beautiful thank you note.Please do not feel guilt(we have enough of that already)Not only am I so happy for your husband and yourself but it gives hope to me that NED is possible for years after a Stage iv diagnosis. My scan is in 2 weeks and each NED story gives me hope that I might be there also.



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It's always encouraging to hear another person is NED - so congrats on the great news!

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Awwww Hashepsut!! That is one of the most beautiful, if not THE most beautiful, thank you posts I have ever read on a forum.

There is absolutely no need to apologize or feel guilty because your husband has received the News we all dream about. As you know, through the long three years of stress, treatments, appts, disappointments, fear, terror, anger, etc.... one of the things that keep us all going (including you and your husband) were hearing stories from others who were Stage IV, who had been told there was little to no hope... and they came through with flying colours and took the time to tell us their good news. Every wonderful NED story is one more story that proves the statistics to be wrong... that no one is a statistic and the data that made those statistics is not applicable to everyone, no matter what stage cancer they have.

There was a time if you were told you were Stage IV, then that meant there was absolutely no hope and no need to even discuss treatments because there were none. A lot has changed and we all are living proof to show that, yet doctors/specialists still go by the "statistics". Not only do they go by the statistics but the majority of them believe them. I don't know what anyone can do to show them that statistics are not the be all and end all of reality.

I would love to take you and your husband by the hand to meet all these doctors who believe that Stage IV means the end is not too far off. For every doctor who tells their patients to get their affairs in order because they have 2 months - 2 years maximum left. And I would like these same doctors to look us all in the eye and explain why your husband refused to follow the statistics. And then I'd like to take all the other Stage IV folk here and crowd them in the same room and have the doctors explain why all of us are still here?

They can't... and anything they can't explain they just push to the side. They are not evil people, but they are trained day and night that statistics don't lie. Well, they might not lie, but they are far from accurate and I'd rather push the statistics to the side than a very much alive human being :)

Congratulations for joining the NED club!!! This is one club where one more can always be squeezed in :) The more the merrier!!!



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So happy to hear such wonderful news!! What a loving wife your husband has!


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