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Has anyone tried a diet, fruit or herbs etc....to maintain the level of the psa



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You'll find a lot of such on the internet, probably saw palmetto, etc. etc. I'm sure that folks on this list will chime in. But:

The thing to be careful of is that PSA level is a symptom; it is not the disease. It is possible, indeed easy, to suppress the PSA level while the cancer still runs wild. Just because you can change the pointer on the dial doesn't mean you've changed what it's measuring.

Good luck.

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when i was found with prostate cancer my numbers were in the "normal" range. they had dropped from a blood sample taken for dietabietes from 45 days earlier. you have be very careful with the psa numbers. you can eat a lot of red foods to help fight cancer. like, tomatos, red bell peppers, straw berries, ect. ect.. eat no foods that have growth hormones in them. check milk labels for growth hormone free products. also most beef products have growth hormones. buffalo meat is great and fish. if you buy chicken make sure it is hormone free. stay away from sugar. it can fuel cancer like gas on a fire. all of this information was given to me in the hospital where i was treated for prostate cancer. i was blessed to have a dietition as part of the program. tony

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"Surviving Prostate Cancer" by E. Fuller Torrey, Md has a chapter (13) on Factors That May Prevent Emergence or Recurrence of PC. He writes that the dietary factors most prominentlyy mentioned as possibly having a preventative action against PC include tomatoes, green tea and soy. He also mentions "The Taste of Living Cookbook" written specifically for men with prostate cancer. Avoiding fatty foods and red meat, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and maintaining a healthful weight are other recommendations. The book (SPC), found at my local library, has been a good resource for my questions and it was written by an Md who has PC. Hope this helps.

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diet, and also has prostate cancer.


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There is a general consensus that one needs to eat a heart halthy diet. Thee are various studies, about foods and vitamins that may keep early stage prostate cancer from worsening, and may hlp prevent prostate cancer. Some of these studies are ongoing.

Vegan diet, absence of animal protein and dairy....Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr.Mark Scholz, Medical Oncologist

Soy and tofu protein, tomato sauce, vitamins A, C, , green tea....Clincal Nurse Specialist, UCLA

Pomegranate juice......ongoing study.....Dr. David Heber, UCLA

D3(approximately 1,000 to 2,000 units a day) and Selenium 200mg(Selenium YEAST)...from a talk by Dr. Charles Myers, Medical Oncologist), additionally, I spoke with an Oncolgist from St. Joseph Medical Center, who recommended having blood tests to determine any deficiencies in Vitamin D.

I have not read this book yet, but as I understand this is the bible for prostate diet....The China Study...T Colin Campbell, PHD and Thomas M Campbell 11.....The Book on Diet

Stay hopeful and optimistic..live life


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