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Who has had a D&C question and update on my doc's visit:

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First thing I have to know is who has had a D & C and do you have a copy of the pathology report? Here is why I ask: My D & C pathology shows specimens of endometrial curettings and endocervical curettings...yet my doc said I dont have dysplasia in my uterus, only in my endocervix, that he didnt take samples from my uterus. Isnt that what a D&C is? Scraping of the endometrium in the uterus? Can someone please compare the specimen portions and tell me if they are the same as on their D&C?

My pathology report states diagnosis as follows(in short):

Specimen Description:
1.Endocervical Curettings
2.Endometrial Curettings

1.Endocervical curettings: numerous strips of squamous epithelium with high grade dysplasia
2.Endometrial curettings: strips of squamous epithelium with high grade dysplasia, and focal endocervical gland involvement

Am I crazy, did my doc tell me he did a D&C when in fact he did an EEC? Or does this look like he did in fact do a D&C? I also asked him if he mapped it, and he said he just took random samples, he didnt see anything specific (WHAT??) How will he know where to look & how much to take for the next biopsy? What the heck did he do the hysteroscopy for if he wasnt taking samples from the uterus?

This is not making sense to me & I really need your help on this one ladies.

As for my update: 5 weeks post thermal ablation, hysteroscopy, D&C, adhesiolysis, + laparoscopy... I finally spoke with him about "alot going on in there". He told me with the the pathology reporting endocervical gland involvement, it's indeed higher cause for concern (higher level of severity) that there are underlying issues, possibly cervical cancer. He said it is higher up in the canal. He said CIN3 is not CIS, and wants to schedule me for a laser cone to treat/diagnose. He told me the day of my surgery I had a prolapsed uterus & cervix, yet recanted that fact today. (again WHAT???) He also said I had adhesions that would need major surgery, they are adhering my bladder to my abdominal wall, and he wouldnt do it for risk of putting a hole in my bladder. He was very brief in answering my questions (gave me 20 minutes of his time), told me I didnt need a gyn/onc yet, and even if it is invasive we have to see how bad it is first. Even after I told him I didnt know lack of appetite, weight loss, & hair falling out were related, and I was experiencing them, he said nothing!He also said I am not a candidate for hysterectomy, that I have to have the cone first.

Does this whole visit seem fishy to anyone else besides me? I feel like I'm dealing with a doc only in it for the $$, not for my well being. I've read other posts elsewhere that the glandular involvement in itself was enough for a referral to a gyn/onc.

Something is not sitting right with me. I'm worried that he didnt quite rule out uterine cancer (he only did 1 endo biopsy) & did the thermal ablation, making further biopsy of the endometrium difficult due to scar tissue. I would really appreciate your insight.

This is turning out to be such a mess. :/

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I really don't know how to answer your questions, but if I were you I would get a second opinion. First be sure to get all of your medical records from you current doctor to take with you. Get another opinion, especially if you feel uncomfortable with this doctor.

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I think you should TRUST YOUR GUT FEELING. You are not comfortable with this doc and you it sounds like you are not trusting what he says.

I agree with Deanna. Get a second and even a 3rd opinion if need be - I think you have every reason to see a GYN ONC. I don't think you need the C-word to go to them in the first place.

Best wishes - FIGHT for Yourself!!!

Mary Ann

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I could cry right now. I just got off the phone with the hospital and the doctor never made a surgical report. Now I'll never know what is going on inside unless another procedure is done, or what else he saw. He obviously doesnt remember, so I cant trust it will be accurate either way if he writes the report now. :(

Deanna I have A.D.D. lol. I just ramble on and jump topics. Sorry if my post was confusing. I guess I just needed some reassurance that I wasnt being paranoid and this guy is not making sense. Thank you!

Mary Ann, I hear you loud and clear! Thank you! :) Both of you solidified my resolve to drop this doctor.

On the other hand, the prayers have worked. :) Somebody cancelled an early appt on Thursday at the onc. office. I have to be there @ 8:45 a.m. instead of 1 p.m., so I wont be anxious all day. Hopefully he can explain what my pathology report means to me, and if I indeed have dysplasia in the endometrium or not.

Thank you so much ladies. I am really grateful that I found you guys. ((HUGS))

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I got my medical records from the hospital today. I wasnt crazy after all. There wasnt a surgical report but there was a physician attestation statement. My uterus IS tipped, the doc did take tissue from the uterus (did a D&C, not ECC). He removed severe adhesions from my ovaries and fallopian tubes.

It also says I had asthma, moderate dysplasia on cervix, & pelvic pain & menoragghia going into the hospital. Interesting....the asthma, pain, & bleeding I knew about. I was told my pap was clear. :/ Now it seems I have moderate dysplasia on the outer cervix, & severe on both the endocervix & endometrium. It seems it's traveling.

I cant wait to see the onc. tomorrow morning. It's been a long month of waiting. I hope he's all he's cracked up to be according to his credentials. ::crossing fingers:: Here's to hoping and praying! :)

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I hope you get you questions answered and find some peace in what the onc. has to say. The fear of the unknown is often worse than what you really find out. Please keep us updated.

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I am so glad you suggested getting my medical records...and I'm even more glad I followed your advice! lol ;)

I hope so too. I will certainly update. I dont know who else to talk to that understands what my emotions are like right now. You ladies have made this last month bearable and informative. Thanks for listening and encouraging me. It really has helped me!

Enjoy your evenings. I'll talk to you all tomorrow. :)


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