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teeny tiny transparent EYELASHES have sprouted! I'm THRILLED!

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This must prove what a shallow human being I am, but I was soooo happy to see tiny (and I mean TINY) eyelashes beginning to sprout on my naked eyelids at LAST! I ran down all thrilled to show them to my husband, but he just said "I can't see them". Well, I can only see them in perfect light, as they are almost transparent and in only about as long as a man's beard at the day's end. But I can FEEL them when I run my fingertips over my eyelids, and I am optimistic that I will have lashes by Memorial Day! Woo woo! How long did it take from the day you first saw lashes sprouting until you could use mascara? Anyone remember?

I feel silly posting this, but after my husband's 'non-reaction' to my happy news, I just had to share this with someone who may understand how EXCITING it is when you have been blinking away rain and dust from lashless naked mole-rat eyes for months. I also have eyebrow 'stubble' sprouts which show me that I have clearly been drawing on my pretend eyebrows in the wrong place these past months. HA!

I have a Relay for Life survivor's dinner and opening ceremonies tonight. Got my 7th round of radiation, and still feel good enough that I was able to go out afterwards for a big Perkins breakfast-for-lunch (omelette, hash browns AND pancakes!!) Life is good!

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omg, I AM SO HAPPY for you Linda. That must be an ecstatic feeling. When they get a little longer see if you can put some vaseline lightly on them overnite while you sleep. A long time ago someone said it lubricates the lashes and helps them grow????? I still do it nightly on my own lashes as mine were falling out at one time.
Try it on your brows also. Have u heard of this?
I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo very happy lashes are sprouting and eyebrows, and i bet so are your PLANTS. LOL
God Bless and you are so right LIFE IS GOOD.............. for you and i hope everyone soon!!
Cookie :)

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Well I sure get it-Waiting for my lashes and brows to grow back was more important to me than my scalp hair. I think their loss made me look sicker. Great news Linda - your body is recuperating. My hair grew back in the Spring too- I monitored it along with the seeds in the garden.
Have a great day.

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Isn't it great Linda to see those tiny black spots on your eye lids and the stubble on your brows? I know how you feel, mine are almost all the way grown and the dust in my eyes are gone. My facial hair however grew like weeds, I couldn't believe how fast and how much I have. I have been plucking black hairs all over my face. I guess it's normal this way at first then it supposed to settle down. My chemo was done on March 11th and you were not far behind me. Your hair should be coming in pretty good now too. How is it? Mine feels so good and soft, can't comb it yet. lol

Keep on dancing,

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Hi everyone,

I get you Linda. My last chemo was a month before yours ended. I stopped shaving my head when I felt new growth.......and......I now have about 1 inch of hair (long enough to "get messy") which I am always running my hands through, bushy eyebrows, and I just started using mascara this week!!! How cool is that!!!!

You are on your way, girl. Enjoy.

Mary Ann

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My last chemo was March 13, but I don't have any eyelashes appearing yet. I miss them, as I still don't think I do a very good job with the eyeliner. It is hard when you have to take your glasses off to put on the eyeliner, and then you can't see very good where you are putting the eyeliner. I still have some of my eyebrows left, so I can figure where to use the eyebrow pencil. My hair is growing back slowly, but I know it will be gone again when I get my next three chemo treatments. It is nice to feel the fuzz up on my head. I too find facial hair growing like weeds!!!!!!!

I had radiation treatment #22 on Friday, so I have 6 more to go. Then I will have the internal radiation treatment done. They fitted me with "briefs" that I will wear in the hospital to keep the implant in place while I remain on bedrest. They said the implant would be in place about 36 hours. Not really looking forward to it, but another hoop to go through for the treatment plan.

I remember Teresa saying she was nauseated with her external radiation treatments. My nausea started last Monday (after treatment #18). It seems to be worse in the morning. I have been taking a compazine each morning. One day I needed a compazine in the afternoon too. Have had to take an immodium 3 different days for diarrhea. Only 6 more treatments, that's what I keep telling myself. And tomorrow it will be only 5.

As far as my skin, I cannot tell I have had any treatments. No redness, no itching or anything. These treatments have been far better than anticipated. I had blood work done on Wednesday, and it remains good. That's why I do not understand why I feel so tired. Both the doctor and nurse say the fatigue goes along with the treatments.

I had a good Mother's Day as my daughter from Tampa was here, and I talked to other daughter on the phone. Hope all of you had a good day too.

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Teresa 61
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Ro, sorry to hear about the nausea and diarrhea. Will be so happy for you when your radiation treatments are a thing of the past. Do you have the date for your implant yet? That too will pass.... I feel fine now, took about a week after I finished all the radiation treatments. I do not have the energy I used to have. If I try to do to much my lower back aches, OH WELL!!!!
Three more chemo's and maybe I'll get some of my life back to normal, I hope.
I have a gyno/onc appointment tomorrow and will find out when I start my 4th chemo.
Hope everyone is doing well with their treatments. Deanna and Linda you should almost be done YEA!!!

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You are nearing the home stretch in your treatments. Hang in there!!

Mary Ann

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Linda never fell silly for posting good news. Congrats on the eyelashs. And hopes for many more:)

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Great...glad the rdx going good for you. My mom is finished with ext. beam and started brachythx with a new radx onc. today as the other one dictated hooey(put words in my mother's mouth)She said the brachy is a piece of cake compared to ext. beam. They will do another tomorrow and possibly a third. This guy is good ..the other left her to be seen with residents and was uninvolved and did not want questions. A big red flag. I am glad I was there to see it or it woulda been unbelievable. Do not worry about the brachy and she only had a few days of bowel stuff after the 4th week of IMRT handled with Imodium and fluids.

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Congrats Linda... that is so exciting. I never really thought about the real purpose of eyelashes until mine were gone. I was cleaning the other day and hadn't turned on the air conditioner yet... sweat really stings when it gets in your eyes.
I also agree that it makes you look sick. I didn't think the hair loss really made me look ill, but when the eyebrow and lashes went I look sick.
Won't be too long now until mine will be growing back. I am due to have my 6th and final chemo next Monday the 18th! Wooohoo!!! I am anxious to get that last treatment in and hopefully it will be the last one forever!
Sounds like everyone is getting through treatment very well. When I think back, I had more fatique with radiation than with chemo. Chemo, I'm fatiqued mostly just the week of treatment. With radiation it was every day and it was a fatique that made me just have to take a nap to feel better.
Everyone hang in there and stay strong! We are all getting there!

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you're not silly...just delightful sometimes; I'm trying to catch your enthusiasm for all the small changes occurring; it was shocking one day to realize I had lost my eye lashes and eye brows; it just seemed to happen suddenly!!! eye lashes started to regrown about 2 months after chemo ended; it's been 6 months since last chemo; I don't wear mascara but I no longer have what I refer to as the "Uncle Festor" look (another version of rat mole); my eye lashes are noticeable from a distance in the mirror; Aloha Livenow09 (Marie)

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