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I received a message from CSN today.
"We haven't seen you at Cancer Survivors Network since Aug 09, 2008, and we miss you! Please come back and visit us soon at http://csnbeta.cancer.org."

It looks like the link points to the beta site of CSN. The messages there are old, like in 2008. Someone received the same email actually post messages there. I hope the site admin will correct that.


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Hi Peter,

The same thing happened to me (& probably a lot of others, I bet). It wouldn't let me even log in at all & wouldn't let me reset my password either until I contacted the adm. and they reset my password for me. I told them about the Aug 2008 posting that were appearing. Very weird. Hope all is back to normal again!


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perhaps it was a phishing scam and this is one way Anonymous is getting in to post that crap! Was it really from CSN?

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Even got the same date 8/08! WOW ....don't know where the red color came fom:?

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I got that, too, but deleted without doing anything. I KNOW I've been posting here, so it couldn't be true.


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Yes, I got this message, and I posted "update" message on this board.

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