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facing death

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I've spent the last two days physically feeling fine for the first time in four months unable to sleep or eat because I'm so freaked out about my imminent fate. I'm obsessed, I just can't seem to accept my situation. I've been searching for something positive which will give me hope that my life will go on beyond next year. So far I just can't find anything that can reassure me things will be like ok all my friends and family keep telling me. Does anyone out here know what I'm talking about? Can anyone put this into a perspective which will make it ok for me? I realize I'm probably wasting the best remaining days of my life worrying about something I can't control.

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well ive been watching my brother for the past 2 years learning how to deal with death due to his cancer and we talk alot and he said he made a to do list , 1 is to make things right with the lord
2 to let his family and friends know what they mean to him 3 take care of legal matters
4 enjoy whatever time is left with your loved ones and make memories for them because In their memories you will never be forgotton.Im not saying to use his list but to make your own of whats most important to you. god bless you. i hope this helps some

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Well thank you that was a sweet reply. I truly appreciate your sincerity but it's not exactly what I was looking for. Not that I know what I was looking for but.......... I'm still in denial I guess. I'm just not ready to go yet. I just got some antidepressants maybe they will help a bit. As for the Bucket List I'll give it some thought.
Thanks Again

How is your Brother by the way?

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I am not someone who likes negative thoughts no matter what it is about. With cancer I am the same way. I look at this experience as my opportunity to remind myself about different things I want to do with my life and I am trying to experience them all, one at a time--not like a bucket list---my accomplishment list.
We never know when we are going to die, could be today, tomorrow, next year or 100 years. The point is to live each day and do things that make you happy. Dont be afraid to live today AND plan tomorrow:)

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