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Should mother move in with me?

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She just had 2 weeks of daily Whole Brain Radiation or WBR. Surprisingly she is doing well. She has some cognitive delay, but not too bad. She had 2 spots in her brain so they decided on WBR. Her only real symptom is excessive exhaustion. Right now she is living in Hawaii with my sister, but I wonder if she will get better treatment here with me in Las Vegas. The thing is that she does not want to do Chemo. She understands she can significantly shorten her life if she doesn't do it, but she does not trust doctors. She doesn't so much as take Tylenol unless she absolutely needs it. She said she is not afraid to die. Her father, my beloved grandfather passed away 10 months ago after a 6 month hospitalization. She saw how it effected my family and she doesn't want to do that to us. My sister doesn't have time to help take care of her as she is an executive of a hotel and has two daughters 10 and 12. I have a 16 yo who is already attending college and I have not worked since I was diagnosed with MS 5 years ago. If my mom were to stay in Hawaii she would need different people everyday to take her to radiation. She would not have anyone to care for her during the day. I was there for a month during her WBR to help, but my family needed me home as well. During the time there she caught the flu that we all got. Running a 102 fever, not making it to the bathroom some nights. I was there to clean her up and take her temperature every 2 hours. Made sure she drank and ate even when she didn't want to. Now I worry she is left alone all day and she hasn't even started her lung radiation. Should I let her stay where she wants to be or do I bring her here where she could get more care?

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