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how will chemo affect my partner when we have sex?

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We are wondering if the chemo will affect my partner and if we have a waiting period after chemo treatments before we can cuddle and have sex...

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Who has the cancer? How do they feel? What kind of cancer?
MY husband and I were fine with sex after chemo until I got too sick to enjoy it. We then just cuddled and tried hard to be close psychologically (i.e., compliments, back rubs and various signs of affection). He was very understanding and never pressured me; this made it better for me to "get back in the groove" after chemo ended, as I was not resentful for being pushed. That will help tremendously, I think.
If it's a matter of technical problems, you're better off calling your oncologist or his nurse, as they can help you determine what is safe and what isn't.
Good luck,

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she had heard that with chemo u could not have anykind of contact with your spouse because your body could transfer the chemo to her for up to 48hrs afterwords?Have you heard of this? My cancer is pancreatic that has spread to the liver @spleen.

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Chuck. This is a question for your Oncologist as there are so many cancer treatment drugs on the market. Then you add in the dosage amounts an individual can handle. I had Difuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. The chemo was CHOP+Rituxin. I could not touch anyone for 72 hours after my chemo. I had to flush every toilet twice. All my laundry had to be washed seperate from anyone else's. And my whole house smelled like my chemo drugs as it came out of my body. And for a few days after a treatment the last thing I thought about was sex. Many of us are hoping that we are not throwing up in a toilet for days. Learn what type of cancer you have and the type of treatment and options. Research on the net as knowledge is a great thing. And ask lots of questions of your Oncologist. Never ever be afraid to ask questions. Remember that the survival percentages don't mean much as each individual is different. I started out with a 0% 6 years ago and I am still here. Best of luck. Slickwilly

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Dear slickwilly thank you for all the helpfull info.This is what she was afraid of for not just herself but also all of our animals.I have an appointment with southern AZ Oncologist and ***.The doctor is supposed to be one of the best,his name is DR.Ketchel.Hopefully someone knows him and can give me some insight into how he is.Again thank you and everyone else who has been very helpful to me and my girlfreind in our time of need. with all our heartfelt love to everyone Jaya@Chuck.

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