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forgive the public post please, but am new here and found it impossible to email or reply to the appropriate post.

just wanted to thank you for boosting a sisters faltering faith today!


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edith leibel
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Dear Bill,

I have been reading your experience with this cancer. I was just diagnosed with esophageal cancer stage 3. I am curious to know as to where your tumor was located. Mine is at the GE junction at the bottom of the esophagus next to the stocmach. When you started your treatment what did the doctors tell you about the survival rate for your illness. Sttistics do not appear to be very long. Would appreciate your reply.

Edith Leibel

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Hi Edith,

I was diagnosed with stage 3 EC back in October. You're right, when you read all the statistics they don't seem very promising...I have chosen to ignore all the statistics, I want to live my life! I have not even asked my doctors to discuss my chances of survival with me, as I want to fight no matter what. I went through an esophagectomy, and 6 months of chemo, with 5 weeks of radiation. I am finished with treatment at this point and am awaiting another follow up CT at the end of August. I hope you get all the information you're looking for!! William is very knowledgeable about EC!


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Hi Cathy:

I just read your response, and am curious whether you are "waiting" for the CT before the next round of chemo or surgery, or neither?

Here is the thing: My father is stage II, and has been given a choice of more chemo or surgery, and basically, has been told he must make this choice now or next week the third round of chemo begins. If he chooses chemo, he won't be eligible later for the surgery (not sure why). Most doctors are telling him the best bet is the surgery.

He would like to talk to someone that choose non-surgical options, but on this site, at least, he has not read anyone that made that choice. He spoke to Bill Marshall yesterday about his experience, and that was very helpful, but again, he would love to hear from someone that choose the non-surgical way.

Thanks for your help and I hope you are doing well.

Best regards,


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Hi Deborah,

I had surgery in October. I had surgery prior to any treatments, and at this point I'm doing very well. The last CT scan I had was clear, just a small pocket of fluid they're keeping an eye on...not sure why it was there. I was Stage 3, but they were unaware of how large the tumor actually was until surgery, otherwise I would have had chemo/radiation first, then surgery, then follow up chemo. I wouldn't change the way it worked out for me though, it was a great feeling knowing that tumor was out of me! I will say, that I think surgery is definitely a great option. While I am only 24, my surgical recovery wasn't too bad and I was up and walking just 12 hours later. As you have seen from Moe's posts, there can be post surgical complications, but I believe the risks of the complications far outweigh the risk of cancer taking a life. I wish you luck in helping your father make the decisions that are best for him. feel free to message me any time!!


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Betty in Vegas
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he says "you are a statistic of ONE"... and I try to remember that always. My husband is not everyone else. He is himself. He is astounding the medical community with how well he is doing...and me. He does not adhere to the "Norms." not at all.

So you just go fight the fight. Do what you have to do mentally, whether that is ignore stats, or scream, or seek out prayer partners, whatever. And fight it in your way, in the way that will work for YOU. This place should be a support to that process. There is no one right way to do this, as there is no one right way to do life.

Trust me, I am walking day by day. And with faith. I cannot dwell on what might happen. I have enough to bear in today.


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Deb, my husband has just went through Esophogeal Cancer surgery, he is only 45 years old, when I first talked to bill on this site I was scared, in fact he scared the poop out of me, but as days went by, and weeks went by and we started preparing, then surgery, I couldn't have gone throught it all with out his lovely post, and his spirits keeping me up, I had days I didn't even know if my husband was going to pull through this or not. My husband had the surgery and it went well, then he had a setback and like to not pull through the after things, he got a severe sinus infection, a severe lung problems from all the Chemo he had and we will be going on week 2 starting tomorrow, we just got out of ICu and into a room yesterday. My husband never lays around and we got the news on April 1, so we have been fighting this ugly disease since then. If you are a caretaker for you person, it is a very hard road to walk, I feel like i have it too sometimes, You go from small problems to big problems. I have went from wearing regular panties to "BIG GIRL PANTIES" is my saying. I want you to know that William Marshall is a very knowledgeable man, he is not the dr, and neither am I but we both have walked the shoes so if we can help plese do not hesitate to ask at all, that is what this site is for.
Sometimes when people post things it scares the poop out of you, but it also prepares you for the worse, I know it did me. Just know if you need anything we are here to help.

Take Care
Lori aka MOE

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Deb this is a great place to come for support, opinions, and questions, My husband was diagnosed in May with Stage IV EC. The first blow was like nothing I have ever felt before.

I happen to be very lucky to have found this site because there are few people here that have actully seen the same Dr's that are treating my husband and one of them is William Marshall he has given me hope, he tells it like it is and for me thats O.K. for me I would rather have it straight up (it's like doing a shot of Jack Daniels) it burns going down but
it sure makes you feel good later.

We all have a rough road ahead of us be it patient or caregiver.

I hope this helps you.

Talk soon
Kathy (mumphy)

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