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my hubsand story

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Hi Everyone
It has been very interesting reading the information on this site.

My Story is my Hubsand (53 yrs)was told in October 2007 with PC - PSA 5.3 and gleason 3 + 4 = 7 We didnot even know what it was.

Surgery in November 2007 , everything went fine, returning to the doctor for the first appointment psa .03 (not too happyy as we though is would be closer to zero.) PSA March was .04 We then starting to have problems with the water works. He was unable to go. We went to the hospital and he had a catheria put in for 3 days and it fixed the problem.They said there was a blockage.

Thats when everything started to go wrong. For 5 months he was in terrible pain with his back he was unable to hardly walk, shower, dress him self. He was bent over like a 90 year old also having leg spams He is not one to complain but this was too much. Xray after xray ,mri,spine checks he had the lot with no one still knowing what it was. We thought he had a back problem and would need surgery. But after 5 months of pain we were told it was Golden Steff. We think it was picked up when he had the catheria in when he had the blockage I think the problem everyone was looking for cancer. So after 5 months of pain, 2 weeks in hospital he is now fine.

June 2008 - PSA .05 September 08 - .07 and put on a 6 monthly appointment. However my local GP decide to do another test in February 2009 - PSA .09 As it seems to be rising each time and our next appoitment is in 3 months time we rang him. Told us not to worry and will check again next appointment (3 month)- Now our appointment is tomorrow (6.5.09) He still has leakage problems.

He retuned to work slowly(January 09) as he is a truck driver and getting in and out of the truck can cause some leakage.He has reduced his work load.

Today he still cant bend down to put his socks on or pick up anything - with think the Golden Steff.

Thanks for listening, we will wait fortowmorriw results.
Anyone else from australia on the site



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What type of procedure did your husband have? It sounds like he has had a heck of a tough time. Please keep us posted on his progress. Any infections post op are serious and I hope the local doctors are keeping a close eye on your husbands problems.

Good luck

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My Hubsand had radical prostatonysurgey After a meeting with the doctor today, the PAS has risen again, seems to be increasing by .02 every 3 months. He recommends External Beam Radition in 6 months. Believe the psa will be at a right level for radition.

Has anyone had this done? whats side affects? What happens after this. Am right, Radition then 3 monthly checking on the PSA a then when (if) it starts to rise does this mean it has gone into the body. I read about Lupton not sure what it is, does this happen with radition or after?

Sorry lots of questions but just tryig to get it clear in my mind ( if thats possible)



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Aloha Truckie,
I'm sorry to hear about your husbands problems. It is like we are dropped into an alien world, and knowing nothing we tend to believe anyone that seems to know what they are talking about.
The site
is run by Terry Herbert, an Aussie transplant from South Africa. This site also has links to a women's only site.
Lots of info, lots of experience, lots of men/women to talk to by phone or e-mail, docs participate also in the discussions, ask anything you want.
Faith, Hope, & Love,
Joe 67 Hamakua Coast

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