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Sibling Recently Diagnosed

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I was originally diagnosed at age 14 with Stage 1A Hodgkin's in 1988, had Mantle Radiation for 4 weeks and eventually was considered in remission. In 1991, I relapsed and was given a 6 month course of ABVD/MOPP and considered in remission again. Since then I had three children (not expected to have any) and have dealt with Thyroid Cancer (3 times) and Kidney Cancer (not sure if related at all).

I am the oldest of 5 children. Now at the age of 35 I have found out that my 18 year old brother has most recently been diagnosed with Hodgkin's. He is from the same mother but different father. He was raised in a different area than I was. Does anyone know of any literature regarding siblings and Cancer? Is there anything about whether or not some cancers are hereditary? I usually do my own research but now that I work full-time and have a family to raise I get side tracked easily. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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To the best of my limited knowledge, I have been involved on support lists for over twelve years, and what research I've done myself and my HD, I do not hear often of relatives dealing with Hodgkin's. That being said, I remember between the end of the 90's on one list, finding out about 4 sets of twins (over 3 years, and clearly from different parts of the country), who battled HD at different times. I know that it has been looked into of certain pest sprays, and even relation to Epstein Barr virus.

One thing in your brother's favor, he knows someone who has survived HD a long time. And guess what? The treatments today are so much better, and come with less severe side effects.

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