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Anyone know their Karnofsky Performance Scale Index score?

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I was just reading a Clinical Trial and one of the "inclusion criteria" to be considered for the study group was that you must have a Karnofsky Performance Scale Index of greater than 60. So, naturally, I wondered what that was and looked it up. Apparently, it is a way that physicians measure how you are doing with your treatments: physically, mentally, emotionally, and even quality-of-life, on a scale of 1 to 100. Now I'm VERY curious where my oncologist has me ranked, IF he has me ranked. Have any of you ever seen your KPS score? Do you think that's just for collaborating doctors to communicate with each other, or is it something we can ask about?

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Seems like a very subjective tool. Seems like one would be included in determining this number for themselves. I might rank myself a whole lot different that the doctor would. Maybe it is just a tool used between providers. I guess you could ask your doctor, I suppose he can choose NOT to tell you if he doesn't want you to know. You find the most interesting things! LOL
I discussed nutrition with my doc last week. Specifically, I asked him if I could go back to weight watchers since I have gained a ton of weight since September. He said he didn't see why I couldn't, that they just teach healthy eating and portion control. Of course, I'm left with only one treatment, so his answer may have been different if I had just been starting treatment. He said that there should be some clinical trials/studies coming regarding nutrition during treatment. They would study the effects of exercise and nutrition. I said, "sign me up." I wish I would have or could be involved in that!

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It would be interesting to hear what our scores are. I wonder if all physicians use this or only those using the Clinical Trial you were looking up. I am not sure what benefit the KPS score would be otherwise. I know that this discussion board helps me cope a lot better mentally and emotionally by preparing me for what may be ahead of me, as others have shared their experiences. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

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