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bladder cancer?

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Hi I am a 39 yrs old femaleand I was wondering if anybody else was diagnosed w/bladder or kidney cancer when there only symtom was microscopic blood on urine test i have had 4 tests since feb. all showing micro blood. Of course there was a urine test 1.5 yrs ago too that showed but i was never told about that. I had breast cancerin 05 caught very early so now I'm like here we go again. will be having ct scan first then a cystoscope. Does this hurt?

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no it does not hurt but fore the colonoscopy they will give you some thing to clean out the day before you have it done most of the time you will be put out and not know what's going on.Fore the CT scan they will give you some thing to drink the day of the CT scan they will tell you how to do it.
Good luck I know this cause I had both done that's how they found my rectal cancer I came to this sight cause I need to read up on bladder cancer hope things turn out right for you.

Gee I just notice the date on you post sorry no one got back to you.

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I have been having Cystoscopies since my bladder ca diagnosis in 1996. Mine have been done right in my Urologist's office and don't require any prep. They are not painful and take almost no time at all to complete. To be perfectly honest, it takes more time for me to clean the betadine that is used to clean the area off when the scope is completed. The Doctor uses a saline solution to flood the bladder with liquid which makes the insertion of the scope much less invasive feeling than getting a pap smear. I hope that, other than the newness of the experience, your scope should not be a difficult test. CA

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I am 39 male, was diagnosed almost a year ago to the day with a rare type of bladder cancer ,I had blood in my urine enough that you could see it ,I had 2 cystoscopes , they dont hurt ,, I was treated from june last year til nov. with a chemo cocktail , then it spread to my 5th rib and breast plate so 6 weeks ago i did 5 weeks radiation,and now they found a few more spots they didnt like so I am starting chemo again, If you would like to know anything or just wanna talk feel free to ask away ,,,

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Hi my name is Debbie and I had blood in my urine, so much blood that it looked like cranberry juice. I am 58 years old. I went to my doctor who did a urine test and a ultrasound of my kidney and said there was nothing wrong. I bled two more times after that so I went to the ER and got the name of a urologist. On the 13th of July I called the urologist and got in the same day. He ordered a CT Scan for the 14th and a cystoscope to be done in his office. The cystoscope dosen't hurt at all. They numb the area and you get to watch on the screen. I saw the tumor on my bladder. He said it was about as big as a quarter. I had surgery the 17th to remove it and he told me that he got it all and the pathology report was excellent too. There were no cancer cells detected in any of the biopsys of the surrounding area and the cancer had not spred inside of the bladder. I am very lucky. I wish you the same luck. Debbie

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Hi! I had my first Cystoscopy done on July 7, 2009. They put me under for this because they really wanted to remove bilaterial kidney stones. However, they were unable to do this because they found a tumor in my bladder instead. Since I was put under I did not feel a thing. Have you had your Cystoscopy done yet?

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I'm kinda worried about the pain I have never gotten one of these done how can it not hurt you say? Well I'm 22 years old and I'm afraid and praying I won't have cancer or a tumor, I'm a male and I am open for tips on what to do n what not to do on test day , I already got my cat scan done and they didn't find any kidney stones and I have taken antibiotics and still there is blood found in my urine so tomorrow I will find out if I have cancer or a tumor :( well thanks for any tips guys/ gals have a great day

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hi I had mine done back in june most people say it doesnt hurt mine hurt like h---. They found a frond which when i had surgery (not bad at all) ended up being a beign papilloma. thank goodness!!! I have to have another cysto.m done dec. 7 as a 6 month check up. Dr. thought that what was causing my microscopic bleeding.Hope everything goes good for you. Please let us know what results were.

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