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A local church knitted me a Prayer Shawl. Familiar with this ministry?

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The Museum Director at one of my long-time grantwriting clients has become a dear friend over the years we've worked together. His church has been praying for me since the beginning of my cancer journey. He called me last week to tell me that they have knitted me a Prayer Shawl. I had never heard of this, so I Googled it, and apparently it is a world-wide ministry when people knit or crochet shaws for people going through particularly difficult challenges, praying for them as they create the shawl. The shawls are usually blessed at the church before being distributed. I will be meeting my friend one day next week after radiation to pick up my shawl from him. I can't tell you how touched I am by this very kind jesture. I wondered if any of you had heard of this ministry.

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I read about the prayers shawls on a website somewhere, I can't remember now where. It actually was an interview with a woman who was undergoing cancer treatment and had received a prayer shawl. It sounds like a fantastic ministry. I would love to get involved in something like that. Too bad I don't know how to knit... maybe I should learn.
Be sure to post a picture when you get it, I would love to see it!

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My cousin is in this ministry and sent me one early in my journey - plus about 4 knit caps to keep that bald head warm! I too was very touched by this gesture. It was sent with a card from the group of women involved - and blessed. I have slept with it around my shoulders when I needed extra "cuddling" or just extra warmth. I've worn it during chemo sessions. I even took it today to a yoga retreat I enjoyed. I plan to get involved in this at my church.

If I can figure out the picture thing, I'll post it here.

Cyber hugs to all.

Mary Ann

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My sister knitted me two hats and two scarves. She too prayed for me as she knitted them. She used eye-lash yarn, so it looks like little pieces of hair. One is blue and the other is purple. I think they are very special. I did not use the scarves until I came back to Illinois. They really are warm. I also have a peach scarf that my niece crocheted for me. It has the cancer ribbons crocheted in the scarf. She looked up the color for uterine cancer and thus made a peach scarf for me. That too is very special. So many people have touched my heart with their kindness.

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