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I'm just looking ahead. Does ZOFRAN work for nausea & vomitting???? Whats the best drug out there for that????

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As you know, I didn't have chemo but I came out of surgery trying to heave. A little zofran in the IV and I was a happy girl.


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Babe, you might also investigate using "Emend." It's a steroid reserved only for chemo patients, and it has worked wonders for my little Moopster. She was just saying before she fell asleep tonight that the Emend, the Zofran, and the Ativan have worked wonders.

The only problem is that a packet of Emend (one 125-mg pill you take the day of chemo and two 50-mg pills you take on each of the two days after, I think) is very expensive - about $400 out of pocket. Moopy's insurance pays for all but $95; hope your insurance does at least that well.

And please keep up the fight, Babe. We are all wishing you the best and holding you up in our prayers. You've beaten the beast once, and now it's time to beat him again!


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I had 6 rounds of TAC chemo and took Zofran after each treatment for about 1 week. I also took Emend (the day of chemo and 2 days after), thankfully my insurance paid for it because it is about $100/pill. If I took the Zofran about every 6 hours I did not have any nausea. My Doc had also prescribed Compazine but that made me extremely sleepy (15 straight hours the first time I took it). The Zofran was just enough for me. I also ate bland foods for the first week after each treatment and no spicy or fried foods throughout chemo.

Good Luck, I hope all goes well for you. It was not really as bad as I had anticipated.

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My onc prescribed Compazine for me, and I took it after each chemo "just in case', but I never really had any nausea like others do.
They also gave me an IV of an anti-nausea med before each chemo. I think that was called "Alexi"(sp?) or "Alessi"?


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Mikes Sunshine
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I took Zofran and Decadron just before they started my chemo treatment, also Emend . I see from others that the Emend can be expensive. I was complaining about my co-pay of $40.00 but I guess I got off easy. I also had Zofran after my surgeries for nausea when I woke up, it worked wonders. Wishing luck in your battle. Nancy

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Just wanted to add that I had an allergic reaction to Compazine. My jaws starting locking up, as if magnets were on my upper and lower teeth. My teeth were starting to clench badly. Joe gave me an ink pen to stick in my mouth, and I called onc. Turns out, this is a well-known but uncommon side effect--in earlier years, they gave benadryl along with the compazine. That was the solution for me--Benadryl. And switching to Ativan along with Zofran.

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I am not the norm. Nothing seems to work completely for me. I am currently taking Zofran, Compazine, Emend, Ativan and Dexamethazone. My first two treatments (A/C) my nausea lasted 4-6 day but my third treatment it lasted 10 for some reason. My last treament of AC, which is my 4th and last, my doctor is trying a patch called Sancuso instead of the Zofran. Their in the same drug category but works different, so they say.

I haven't came across NO ONE on this discussion board that Zofran didn't work, but I am a special case. I have a low tolerence and pain and any type of sickness...if you look wimp up in the dictionary you will probably see 2 pictures of me ;-)

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It didnt work for me but my doctor used another med called Emend and that works great and there is only 3 that you have to take. Ask about it. Hopefully your insurance will cover it.

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Christmas Girl
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During chemo - I followed this regimen with Zofran, per my onc's prescribed instructions:

Took 1 pill night before each chemo treatment, just before going to bed. All of my chemo treatments were scheduled for early mornings.

Upon arrival next day - nurse gave me another pill to take just prior to chemo treatment (all IV infusions).

Took 2 more pills at home after each chemo: 1 night of treatment, and 1 next morning day after treatment.

I was told this regimen was preventative for vomiting - preventative being the key word because vomiting (from/during chemo) is difficult to get back under control if it begins. Had the Zofran on the schedule described above not worked for me, not been enough - I would've call onc/nurse for additional instructions. The Zofran did its job, until about 48 hours after my final treatment...

Zofran does not work like Tums, or antacids, or anything else in that category. It actually "locks up" (so to speak) the inner muscles of the torso, physically prohibiting the body's ability to "wretch"... That is, of course, when it's effective - as it was for me. I didn't experience intense nausea, either. I believe that if I had, another med would have been prescribed in addition to the Zofran.

Please bear in mind that my own chemo was 5 years ago. There are many different types of chemo. And, importantly, there are many meds available to prevent/treat nausea & vomiting. I don't believe there's one that is "best" - much depends on the treatments themselves, and the individual patient.

Just be sure to talk to your doctor upfront. I'll hope that whatever you get & take helps you.

Kindest regards, Susan

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If you find that the Zofran, etc. don't seem to last for their prescribed time or if you have some additional nausea you may ask your doctor about using ginger candy or tea. During chemo I could not get past the taste but last year when I had colon surgery the ginger candy worked great. You can find it in health food stores or Asian markets.

Make sure you ask your doctor but I think ginger is pretty safe.

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