Shocked in Idaho - Many Thanks

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Words can not express what it means to me to have all of your support! I forgot to mention my PSA - Over the last several years it has been gradually climbing - in the normal range. This time it came back 5.1 and just to recap I am 56 - out of twelve biopsies 1 came back positive. Less than 5% tissue. My gleason score is 3+3=6. I also have glandular atrophy and chronic inflammation. I am headed to a specialist in our state capitol - Boise. I see him tomorrow, he does the da Vinci method. On May 14th I see a specialist in SLC, UT who does not do the da Vinci method, but a more hands on approach. I am interested to know how many surgeries they both have done. Their success rates - which method saves the nerve bundles! I agree with those who have stated to take my time in deciding who does the surgery... I will not rush into this decision. My wife tells me, A man is not a man because of is (goods), but who he is and how he treats people from his heart, soul, and actions. She said I am already the Best and if anything has to be taken out - I am not less - but more, for surviving...


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    #'s are low
    With a Gleason score of 6, and small postive % of cores detected, your a perfect candidate for robotic surgery. Don't throw in the towel yet in terms of loosing your 'goods', find a good robotic surgeon and you'll be back to 100% before you know it!
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    I'm also 56 and recently had
    I'm also 56 and recently had open prostatectomy. Gleason 7. After extensive review of literature and talking to 4 surgeons one an expert in robotic surgery,I found out that the most important issue is not how the procedure is done but the experience of the surgeon doing the particular procedure. The results regarding urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction are about the same with either procedure. It is likely that blood loss and post-operative pain may be less with the robotic as comapred to the open procedure.
    I am doing well. Three weeks post op urinary incontinence is minimal. I can go the entire day without need to change pad,and when I do it is almost always dry. I have not tried to have erection yet,but I feel this will also be OK in due time.
    Bottom line talk to as many doctors as you can, do your own research and do not rush into making a decision. remember the experience and # of procedures done is very important.
    it appears your cancer is early and you will be fine
    Good luck.
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    Aloha fishing_fool,
    I have a lot of good memories of Idaho, spent over 15 years in Idaho Falls, owned some acres in Elba near Burley, but the sage & Juniper were more than my sinuses could handle. The ski slopes were very nice, wonderfull place.
    Sounds like you and your wife are on the right track. Watchful waiting is not a death notice. You are more than likely to be mauled by a bear on your fishing trip than die from PCa.
    No mater how good you feel about a surgen, or what he tells you about your outcome, talk to other PCa survivors, find out what their life is like after treatment. The docs will tell you that your life will be normal. This is not true. Your life will change. Talk, face to face with those that have been there, done that. There should be a chapter of Us Too near you. Use this site to contact your local chapter.
    Faith, Hope, & Love,
    Joe 67 Hamakua Coast
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    Amen to your wife!
    Saw your name and my husband is fishing at moment and hopefully feeling better because of it. So, thought I would write to you and wish you well. I will keep you and yours in my prayers.