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Tired, energyless, no get up and go

lucky girl
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Is there anyone who can tell me if these feelings are normal for someone who last treatment
in December. Five weeks of radiation and then seed implants right after all before Dec. 25. My husband is feeling this way but feels that he should not be. It sounds like something that could be normal, esp. since he almost died in Sept. when his physician attempted to do radical prostatectomy, he bled out and had a small heart attack so they had to abort the surgery, got two lymph nodes and they were clear of cancer. Then his urologist said that they had to go with alternate plan which is what they did. First a hormone therapy shot, then five weeks of radiation, then seed implants.

I appreciate anyone who can tell me if they have experienced such?

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i am 54 and was in the hospital for two months. i finished my treatment last oct. i had three sets of what is called brachy therapy. which is a high dose of radiation followed by 25 sets of tomo radiation. here is the adivse my doctors and support staff gave me. drink a lot of water, green tea and protein shakes. the liquids help flush the radiation out of the body. the radiation will leave one feeling tired for a while. that also depends on the type and how many sets he had. i was told it would take a year before i would be back to normal. during my treatment i had my blood sugar go to 300 because of dehydration ( drinking lots of fluids helps avoid this ), and i had 2 strokes. after 7 months i am working full time, getting by on 6 to 7 hours of sleep and eating good. no effects from the strokes, my sugar is good when i exersize and eat right. i still am not able to run sprints for more than 1.5 minutes. but i can walk for ever and be okay. i try to go to the gym and workout. it will be a little while but he can make it back. does he walk or work out? walking helps get rid of the tired feelings. i know it sounds like a contridiction, but walking helps the body and mind feel better. when i was taking treatments i walked three times a day even if i didn't want to. my wife the caregiver pushed me to do it when i didn't want to. eat good sources of protein. beans, chicken, buffalo (good stuff), tofu, mushrooms, red fruits like strawberries, red bell peppers, tomatoes. according to my diet guru pizza is good. my wife didn't belive me so i ask and was okayed to eat cheese and vegi pizza. i hope and pray the best for you two. tony

lucky girl
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I am so glad that you are so much better. I appreciate so that you wrote me back.
I have read to my husband your reply. I had thought about dehydration before.

He does walk once a day and stays very busy, but just doesn't feel good. He has sick feelings, as nausea, just not feeling good. He gets really down cause he thinks he should be doing better by now. His first PSA after his treatments was 0.07 and the nurse said that that was really great. Of course the physician said that it could go up and down for awhile. But, from what I have been reading, it seems that this was really good. My husband has always been a very busy, strong person, and never been sick much at all so this has taken a toll on him. I feel that prob. what he is experiencing is pretty much normal but then I am no expert.

Maybe he will try more of what you have suggested.

I thank you again and I hope you continue to get better.
Will also keep you in my prayers.

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Aloha Lucky Girl,
Radiation & ADT can & do take a lot out of a man. The better shape you were in prior to, the better. Since the surgery was not good, you were probably already weak, so what you are feeling is normal. I was in good shape, offroad bike riding, but by the 3rd week of EBRT/IMRT I wanted badly to quit treatment. My first of 4 Lupron Depot shots was in May 07, it was bad, most outside activity stopped, could only walk, & do simple floor routines.
I might suggest going to
Call them (800). Talk to them, get some local mental help if you can. These chalanges are more than a man can take sometimes.
Another good site is
You can communicate with lots of men/women in the same boat. They have a site for ladies only.
Faith, Hope, & Love,
Joe 67 Hamakua Coast

lucky girl
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Thanks Joe!

My husband knew that he was having the surgery but had to have hernia surgery first,
so the urologist said that he had to have some time to heal from that surgery and need to get some weight off and be healthier before going into the prostatectomy, so he walked and gave up his cokes and lost 25lbs., and was doing really good. The complications in surgery
did take a toll and then all the treatment afterwards, he never had time to get better from one before the others. He is fishing today with our son's friend, so is a good thing too, good for the mind and soul and hopefully his body!
I appreciate you telling me about the sites, esp. the ladies only one, I am sure there are many other wives like myself that would like to share.

Good health to you and many thanks from this lucky girl!

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