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My mom, who is 76 years old, found out she had gall stones in October 2008 and also around that time, she found out she has gallbladder cancer. She agreed to have the gall stones removed, but did not want to even consider treatment for the cancer. She did have surgery in December 2008 to have her gall bladder removed, and was only able to have part of it removed. The doctor said that the cancer had spread to the muscle and she also has severe cirrhosis. She had quit drinking in 1980. My siblings and I have no idea about what stage it is at, or anything else. I have been reading up on it from different websites and I figured the cancer is at stage II, don't ask me anything else about it because I couldn't tell you. My mom does not like talking about it, so we just leave it alone. It would be impossible to talk to her doctor without her consent, and she would not consent to it, she would become very angry. The doctor suggested to my mom, not to have chemotherapy because of her age, she's also diabetic, and she is considered to be legally blind. He also told her that when the cancer does progress, it would come fast and aggressive. From reading up on the cancer, it seems as if more information about it would be needed to find out how far it has progressed and what to expect at what stage it's at. She seems to be showing symptoms of having kidney problems, , like blood in the urine, and frequent urination. Did the cancer spread to her kidneys? She does not want to go for a checkup, only to get checked for her diabetes and medication. My sister and I talk to each other alot and ask each other questions that we're unable to answer. We're just not knowing what to expect.

ramesh killari
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Dear friend According to your history I will suggest you to take your Mom to a doctor. Other than fallowing symptoms are Highly attentional threat to cause further complications to your mom.
Signs and symptoms of gallbladder cancer

Steady pain in the upper right abdomen
Loss of appetite
Weight loss
Jaundice and vomiting due to obstruction

Ramesh Killari

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Thank you Ramesh Killari for your support and advice. My mother does not want any further help and her doctor suggested because of her age and other health problems that she should not have any further treatment either. My mother, does not like to talk about her medical condition and for patient confidentiality, we, her children, are unable to ask her doctor for any more information. So, this is why I have been researching about gallbladder cancer, and still have questions regarding what to expect and it's hard because we don't know what stage she is at, I had to take a guess. So far, she says she is not in any pain, but everyday she is taking Tylenol, and this has been a daily thing for her ever since I can remember, which is not a good thing for her to do, since she also has sever cirrhosis. She does not like anyone telling her what to do and what not to do. She has blood in her urine and seems to be urinating more than usual. She seems to be in good spirits when I see her and does not complain of having any health problems. But, my sister and I have been watching for any changes in her health. A couple of times, she had complained that she couldn't breath when she was laying down, which she had not experienced before. She says her skin itches at times and on her scalp, she had what looked like sores from having been scratched open, and she gets these appearances on her skin that look like welts and sometimes bruises that take a while to go away. It's not easy trying to figure this out and what's going to happen next or when. I have been doing so much reading and looking for anything close to what my mother is going through right now. I know this cancer is going to take her and I just have a hard time dealing with it.

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