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Tube scar

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Only thing that really matters is that I don't have cancer and I hope it doesn't come back. But sometimes I like to pretend that I don't have to worry about that anymore and worry about the little, unimportant things I used to be able to worry about when I was invincible! This question is one of those.

Did anyone else's PEG tube leave an indent in their stomach? I am about 5 1/2 months from the last treatment. I don't mind the actual scar so much as I do the fact that it is indented/puckered somewhat. Da-n thing looks like a second belly button. Does this get any better on its own over time? Iam thinking about having the doctor try and "fix it up" but feel stupid doing that since I haven't at least reached the magic 3 year mark. If I am going to have a reoccurance then this is small stuff, but if I am going to live for many years then it becomes a little more important. Since I don't know the future then it is easier on my pschy to think about this scar and how it looks than to think about the "what ifs".

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I had my peg removed July 2000 and still have a scar from the tube. It isn't as bad as when it first came out, but it is still there. I have plenty of scars from my surgery . I even have one that neither of my surgeons claim to doing and don't know how it got there. They each blame the other for this scar but to me it is just another part of what I went through.

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I'm past the bikini point in my life, so I think it is humorous to say, "Bet you don't have two belly buttons!" I had my tube removed about 8 months ago - I just assumed it will always be with me.

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Something I forgot to add was when I got home after I had the tube removed, I started to sing. To the tune of Hole in the Bucket, I've got a hole in my belly dear mommy dear mommy. I have a hole in my belly dear mommy a hole.

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Sash, we can only hope that there are no extant recordings of those renditions, although I, personally, would like to hear them :).

I will say this: singing is a great form of therapy, in terms of both mental hygiene AND speech therapy.

You epitomize Hope and Humor, my friend.

Take care,


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Amen, Joe! I'd love to hear this classic!

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Had mine removed 12-07 and find the extra belly button to be a benefit.............it itches as a warning everytime I have unexpected visitors.

Quite a conversation piece on the beach as well.

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jkinobay: HELLO , BUT IN SOUTH CAROLINA WE CALL THEM PIG- LINES ! Mines was inserted 6 inches down into my left arm ,just above my elbow. IT'S still there ,but I call mines a little nipple.

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I think the one on your arm is called a PICK line. The one in the stomach is a PEG tube.

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I have one of these too and I joke about having 2 belly buttons too! I figure after all the weight loss I've had I won't be wearing a 2-pc. bikini anyway, so I just figure if I ever do gain enough weight to again wear a 2-pc. suit, it can be a conversation piece. I figure it's a "badge of courage". But if you feel like getting it smoothed out, I bet there's a doctor out there that will do it!

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