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how long so radiation side effects last

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I had 4 weeks of radiation and dr. stopped then to do surgery now I cant eat, cough, heavy chest dr said this will stop after treatment how long does it take will have surgery in 3 weeks I am afraid this will postpone the surgery

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docs wont do surgery if you arent up to it. after the first week after treatment, you will probably begin to notice a few small changes for the good every day. try to eat as well as you can, get some fresh air when you can, and laugh when you can.

im in your corner,

ps...dont let the worries about the surgery become something that drags you down. its pretty darn rough, but its definately do-able. we always build these things into biggggg monsters that seem indefeatable...but they arent!

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did you have the surgery they are taking the l lobe the dr. says better chance if the take the lobe instead of just the tumor, dr. says it hurts and will need time to recuperate any suggestions and what is it like after the surgery..

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i too have had 25 treatments of radiation and 4 chemo treatments. Eating is painful. Surgery to be done soon. Was told that radiation and chemo build for a period of time after completion of treatments. This is why they wait the few weeks before the surgery.

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I had 30 radiation treatments total...20 on a lymph node, and 10 on a rib, although the treatments were partially overlapping, so for about three or four days I had both. It knocked me out a little bit. Took about a week and a half after treatment stopped for my throat to feel better and maybe two weeks for the general tiredness to go away.

Best of luck to you. Like someone else said...Stay positive and don't worry. Worry will only make it worse!

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