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Surgery scheduled in a few days ans I can't quit coughing

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My surgery is scheduled wed. 4/29 and I have developed this cough that at times sounds croupy. Throat tickles.... a little runny nose. Do you think I should tell doctor or not worry about it???? I don't want anything to postpone my surgery.

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Of course you should tell your doctor! If it is something that was serious enough to cancel the surgery, then better to do that than to cause complications on the operating table. It could be just a psychosomatic cough that develops because of nerves, but any time you get any indication of sickness before surgery you must tell your doctor. Why wait until you are admitted for surgery for them to tell you they can't do it because they find out you have the cough when you get there? That isn't doing you any favours and if they do have to cancel the surgery, then by waiting until the last minute they won't be able to schedule someone else in for surgery.

Your cough may be nothing to worry about and they will go ahead regardless... but never every withhold information from your doctors when it is something as serious as an impact on your health.

Just my .02 worth...


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You should call your surgeon or see your GP tomorrow. Any decent anesthesiologist is going to ask you the day of surgery if you've had any signs of illness in the last few days.

Maybe it's allergies. Atlanta's pollen is off the charts and a U.S. news story said more people are being affected by pollen than in years past. It might be nothing, but doctor needs to make that decision!

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Yes I would tell the doctor if you have a cough. For one thing after surgery you aren't going to be wanting to cough because of the stitches and because it will hurt. It's best to tell doctor now. Good luck! Kim

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Let them make the call, I'm sure they've dealt with this before and you don't want to surprise them the day of the surgery (they tend not to like that very much). There is a lot of stuff going around I've noticed.
Good luck with it

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