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HI 2nd round of chemo and wondering why so wiped out....

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My name is patti and i have been diaganosed with Stage 4 lung cancer and stage 1 breast cancer--after 2nd treatment of of chemo Taxtol and some other i am totally wiped out...any other experiences like that for anyone. Do not mean to be so vague just a little difficult to start sharing some of this stuff.
Let me know and thanks ahead for the input....patti

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I just finished by sixth round of chemo with Cisplatin/Alimta/Avastin...so different drugs, but I know chemotherapy effects tend to be cumulative, meaning they build over time. I am certainly much more worn out from this last round than I was from the first.

Also, the effects tend to come and go in waves. Most drugs have a "nadir" period, which is when your white count and red count will be at their lowest, thus making you more tired and susceptible to infection. For me, this tends to be the 2nd and 3rd week after each round of chemo, but I'm not sure if the schedule is similar for Taxol.

Hope this helps!

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