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Proton therapy

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Having not heard much about it, I googled it and found the following website which gives a good discussion of all the radiation based therapies.


As to another post regarding herbal or natural therapies, I don't know anything about them but am somewhat skeptical of natural cures for cancer. I would think it would take studies of 1000's of patients over many years to claim any success.

Removal of course, is the ultimate success however there are always potential problems. I for one after 4 years have minor incontinence (leaks) and impotence. I was however, having impotence issues before the cancer so maybe it's not related I take lots of high blood pressure meds kind of the opposite of getting an erection which requires blood pressure concentrating in a certain quantity and place.

One think I do know, it's gone and I look at the green side of the grass everyday!!


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