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recurring nasopharngeal cancer

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hello, wanted to know info on anyone having this cancer come back.
I was diagnosed in nov o6 with naso cancer stage 4. did the typical
36 rads with 6 rounds of chemo. just recently had a annual ct scan
that had something suspect. went in for biopsy came back positive.
I'm 2 years post treatment. I just started to understand my body
and learned to live with all my post treatment symtoms.
It was extreamly tough the first time around can anyone shed some
light or information rergarding treatments and side effects for the
second fight.

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I can't help you with what to expect with 2nd round. I've just reached my year milestone from the same cancer, so your message is very close to my heart. I'd like to know a couple of things from you, if you don't mind.

Did you have any of the symptoms you had the first time? Since this type of cancer is so rare, I'm just wondering about your approximate age and ethnicity. In my research, there was no fathomable reason I would have gotten it.

I would imagine your treatments will be about the same. You might want to check with your oncologist to see if there are any clinical trials. I think that would be my first preference. I know how rough the first time around was - believe me.

You are in my prayers. Keep posting.

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hi rose em,

your a very brave young girl,kudos to you.
sorry for not replying sooner. this week has been
non stopwith doctors visits and hospital visits.
I didnt have any signs the cancer came back. the first
time my lymph node on left side of neck was swllon and
I lost hearing in left ear. I'm a healthy 36 year old male
first gen chinese american. my chances i found out were
higher of getting this cancer. you already know all the stats.
my thoughts are like yours regarding the chances of
you getting this cancer. did a pet scan this week that
showed activity in left lung,went in friday for lung tissue
biopsy.results this monday. i live in nevada so going to california
with family to ucsf hospital for cosultation with their head neck canser
specialists. sounds like if it mestisized to the lung the whole game plan
changes. hopefully i will be more educated after california trip. i did
repley to a post here his name is hondo and he's had the cancercomeback
three times. i gave him a shout out on the post i hope to hear from him.
I'll keep you informed.


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Thanks for giving me your background. Yes, I'm sure your treatments will be much different. Please know that you are in my thoughts and I'm very interested to read what the California specialists have to say.

Good luck,

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Rose, i was just reading your post and your mention of no fathomable reason to have got this cancer. I have often read, and a friend of mine also here in the UK was tested for the "Epstein Barr" virus, this may be of help to you. I myself had squamous cell carcinoma of the nasal septum and have been NED now for 43 months and long may it continue. Good luck with to you with the research if you hadn't already heard of this connection.

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I'm still being monitored for recurrence. I believe that there are several suvivors here who battled NPC more than once.

I wish you the very best. You're young, so you can battle this. Stay positive.

If you're getting treatment at UCSF, you might want to check with Stanford also. I had the standard treatment plus the "cyberknife".

Keep us posted!

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i am a 27 year old female....i had this kind of cancer right out of high school at the age of 18. I have always been afraid of my cancer coming back. so far, I am almost 8 years cancer free. i haven't been going for my yearly scans because i don't have the money to get them. hopefully soon, i will have the extra money to go. I hope all is well with you.

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