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persistant bleeding with UPSC

desperate daughter
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Hello, to all the UPSC ladies. I just started reading your blogs this past week, and am amazed at everyone's stories. I am going through the same thing with my mother right now, and I am afraid we are in a very desperate place right now. She has been fighting this for nearly 2yr, and like many of you it has been chronic treatment although we don't seem to be having any success. My question is if anyone is still having chronic vaginal bleeding and if so has anyone's Dr. been able to offer any treatment. My mother has been bleeding for a year and half in spite of radiation and chemo. The bleeding continues to get heavier to the point she is needing several blood transfusions. I seem to be having a little bit of trouble figuring out how to connect with you gals and where the best place to post the blogs is. I look forward to hearing from anyone that may have any ideas. Thank you, Desperate Daughter.

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