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mom has liver, lung, and kidney cancer

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Hello Everyone,
I am new to all of this. My mom was just diagnosed with stage four cancer in Jan. She has already been through the radiation and is currently working on the chemo. She was taking some type of chemo and the Dr. said that it was not working that the cancer had spread even more. So she is currently trying a different chemo. I am hoping that this one work. I am only 20 years old my mom is only 56 years old. I currently am carrying her first grandchild due in october. I am just praying she makes it through this okay. This is how it all started out. She had been going to the Doctors at depaul hospital since july of 08 and they kept telling her she had pnemonia or she had mr. arthur well....Her mother was very sick in jan of 09 so she left va and went to nc to be with her mom she was in nc for about 1&1/2 weeks and her mom passed...so when we got back to va after the funeral and everything i then took her to norfolk general hospital. where the doctors then told us she had cancer and it was at stage four wow big shock for us considering she had been to the dr since july of 08 and this "mass" that was suppose to be pnemonia is apparently cancer...This is really really rough on me and im doing my best to stay strong for it but its really hard..and then being pregnant makes it even harder to stay strong but im trying. also i needed to know if there was anywhere anyone knew of that will make wigs of ur hair for someone else

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Hang in there hone, it's a travesty what has happened to your Mom. Check with your Oncology Clinic they usually know of someone in the area that will make wigs. Even though they seem like deamons they do care and help. The disease makes you bitter. I also am a caretaker for my 50 yr old husband and I am 45 so your Mom is still young. Pray and be vigilent with her care, if you don't agree ask questions or go somewhere else. It could save her life. Take care of yourself nothing will make Mom happier than a new grandchild.

I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless you all.

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There is an American Cancer Society office across the street from Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach. Call them, and see if they can point you in the direction of somewhere that provides the wigs you seek. They are also a good starting point for discussing any other support-related issues you and your mom may be facing.

There are a number of charitable types of organizations in the area that can help with things like transportation to and from chemotherapy sessions (and even hanging out with your mom, if that is a problem for other members of her family). One that comes immediately to mind is Lee's Friends, dedicated to the memory of a young lady who died of cancer some years ago. Others on this site also wisely recommend that you seek support from church if you attend one, or if mom does. Norfolk General also provides social services, if needed, that may help with some of the issues you are facing and may face.

FYI, I had both of my surgeries performed at Norfolk General, and overall, was pleased, and am pleased, with the results. My doctors were excellent, albeit they were handpicked by my wife, a nurse at Norfolk General. I received my chemotherapy at a place called Virginia Oncology Associates, and was provided excellent treatment there as well.

Please remind yourself that the best thing that you can do for your mom, the very best thing, is to stay healthy in your pregnancy, to take good care of yourself!

The things that you do for your mom are critical, of course, but, really, that may be the most important of them. Be there for her, of course, remind her of this very important reason to continue fighting: to see her grandchild come into the world and to watch him or her grow.

Best wishes to mom, you, and the entire family.

Take care,


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I agree with my friend Joe, you must make sure you take care of yourself. Rest and eat a good diet. I know the worry is intense, and you are afraid for your Mom, so it is hard to think of yourself, but you must try. The mind is a very powerful weapon in the fight against disease and as long as she focuses on the beautiful baby that you are carrying she will have a reason to stay strong and fight like heck. I will be thinking of you, your Mom and your baby.

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my moms first chemo was not working...so she was trying a different chemo that dr kok said might work well now friday 22nd of may she had another scan to find out that this chemo is not working now what im to the point i dont know what to do...now on top of it all my dad is sick ugh i dont know how much more a 20 year old pregnant daughter can handle...

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