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for those who don't receive a reply

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For the caregivers who don't receive a reply I commend you for your commitment and faith in your patient. We are a rare breed who are willing to change or give up our lives to care for our loved ones but what a price we pay. The pain we feel will be there long after our loved ones have passed and for me I will be left alone with one child still to raise. It's overwhelming at times but I'm trying to find peace that God has a reason for all of us Angels of Care to have to endure this.

God Bless you all

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I would like to add that I find this network a wonderful support system. Thank you to those that respond with support, encouragement and most of all empathy. You have stepped up to the plate for me when I need it. I applaud your courage with the journey you (we) are all experiencing and the amazing love and acceptance I find here.

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Without the Chat Room and the angels that were there to help me when I lost my mate, I don't know if I would be doing as well as I am. 2007 is when he passed and I cared for him 2 1/2 years. We all go through difficult times, be it cancer or being a caregiver. But we endure what we have to. Bless all of you

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hi barbra my name is lisa and i am helping my dad with chemo and stuff i see everyone talking about the chat room how do i access that here? thank you

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in the middle column of your main page, just beneath the discussion board link you selected to get here, is a link called Chat Room. Select that and hope for the best. It oftens takes many minutes for it to open. If you do not have an up-to-date Java interface, this could be a problem as well.

I would suggest going to java.com and requesting the free download and installation of the latest version of java. It is painless.

And free.

Once you've done that, again, when you click on the Chat Room link in your main page, expect it to take a LOT more than 10 seconds to get in. Just let it go, and eventually you will be in.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Take care,


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I feel so alone sometimes and your post helped me make it thru another rough day. Thanks for caring enough to give some of the encouragement we need to keep going. Bless you ! - Jolene

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Here is my 75 yr old Mother's thoughts on watching her 50 yr old son-in-law (my husband) slowly slip away. The other day I said Mom this isn't the way my daughter's senior yr was supposed to be and she said and I quote "life is what happens while you are planning".

How appropriate for all of us Care Givers!

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My mom said the very same thing to me. Very appropriate!

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thnak you

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thank for your support and prayers. We are going to the Dr tomorrow and a desicion will be made to stop or just keep going. Will let you know what happens tomorrow. Again thank you

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I just want to say as a person with cancer and now going through chemo I am glad I have my mom right there with me. I know how hard this is for her I see the pain in her eyes when I am having a hard time with the side effects or when I am in so much pain. We cancer patient could not make it through what we have to face if it was not for angels like you I will be praying that God gives you peace as you are helping them through this battle.

ovarian cancer patient as of june 4, 2011 just starting the battle

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