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peritoneal cancer?

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My mom has has Peritoneal(spelled wrong prob) Anyways the Dr.s say its like ovarian cancer but has no cancer on the ovaries.Cancer on the stomach lining and diaphram.She had a port and I.V. kemo for 6 months and is now on maintence i.v. kemo and feels worse than the harder stronger kemo! Now she is on methadone and dilandid,has cancer cells in her lungs and a tumor but doesn't have lung cancer. I know this sounds confusing thats why i'm writing. it all doesnt make sense to me and she acts really "high"....can anyone give me some help the Dr just confuses me more!!! Going crazy in Michigan ,thanks

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Sunshine, I hope that the hospital that is treating your mom has a social work department, as they can help you figure out what you need to know and give you the support you need at this difficult time. I would call the doctor's office or the hospital and ask for the social services department and see if they can set up an appointment for and get you started on the road to helping your mom in a way that will let you both feel a little better about the situation.
Sometimes, the after-effects of the chemo can feel even worse than actually going through it at the time. And there is always the fatigue and pain from the drugs and the cancer. If you feel she needs something more or different, don't be afraid to speak up to the doctor. They are used to these circumstances and can't act on them unless they know about them.
Wishing you all the best,
P.S, the tumor and cells in her lung may be the spread of the original cancer; you need to ask about that and get a firm answer.

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i know its hard when your dealing with a not so common cancer. my siter is doing chemo too! it's not easy and doctors are very confusing.if i were you i would make them spell it out so you can understand it.I hope she has a good doctor and is responding to treatment.

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