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lymhoma of the tonsils

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I was diagnosed with non hodgkin lymphoma of the tonsils stage 2 in2007 . Am in remission right now. Had last PET scan in aug.2008. Now doctors can't decide whether they should retest since I am symptom free. Is anyone else out there with similar cancer? Had 6 treatments of CHOP and 25 treatments radiation which left me with a dry mouth since my salivary glands were affected. Am 72 years old and am wondering if age is against me.

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I was diagnosed with tonsillar Non Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2005. I had 4 treatments of CHOP and 17 radiation treatments. After radiation I have had non stop dry mouth. I am symptom free ansd have been since my treatment. I don't believe age is against you...I think cancer treats everyone the same reardless of age....I am 42.

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Did you work during your treatments, I am going to have my tonsils removed next week. I have esophagus cancer and was getting tested for that and they found something in my left tonsil. I have been complaining about an ear ache for about a 6 weeks.

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