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HI everyone, I just found out yesterday the YMCA and the LIVESTRONG foundation are getting together and offering a 12 week program for cancer patients and survivors! I don't know if it is just in my area but check it out in yours! They are 2 classes a week for 1 hr and all it is, is to build up strength for our little weak bodies!!!! It runs for 12 weeks and you can also use the gym during those 12 weeks anytime for FREE!!! That's the best part FREE!!!!!!!!!! So check out your local YMCA!

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Hi Karyn,

This is not being offered where I am (I'm in north San Diego, CA county) When I googled YMCA Livestrong, it came up for the YMCA in the greater Des Moines area. Is that where you are? I then checked with my local YMCA and they don't have this program near me. I hope you'll be able to take advantage of it, though- sounds great!

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I missed my survivor's group on Monday (chemo brain, didn't have it on my calendar), but the moderator contacted me to tell me how things went. Sounds like they were discussing just such a program! I am going to look into it after my upcoming surgery! And you are right, the best part will be FREE!!!!

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My Mom's work offers a free program for cancer patients. It is 2x a week and is conducted by a PT and they monitor her BP,etc. She is feeling so good she went last week and today- recumbant bike for 27 minutes today! I really like that she is being monitored during the class.

They also gave her a relaxation cd for helping her sleep/relax. It is very good. She is against taking meds for relaxation, sleep, or anxiety- even though it is OK. But with the cd she has done amazingly well with it. We even took it to the hospital for her to listen to.

The program has been so good for her!


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