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synovial cell sarcoma

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I was diagnosed with synovail cell sarcoma on my upper arm feb 2006. I had surgery then radiation for 40 days and chemo for 5 days a week/month for 6 months after diagnosis. Anybody who have same case like mine?

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i had a synovial sarcoma in my chest wall between my lungs and my ribs...pretty bad.
Are you doing well now? In remission?

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I am a 14 year cancer survivor and I had soft tissue sarcoma in my left arm. I it start out as the size of a pea when I was 17 year and was misdiagnosed as fatty tissue it didn't start growning until I was 19 year old it got to the sized of a golf ball my sister encourage me to go to a specialist and he was not clear on what it was. I got a biopsy done and it came back cancerous. The surgeon did surgery. I assuming he never perform surgery on this type of cancer and he removed it wrong. I found 2 month later there were piece still left in my are. I then went to Cleveland Clinic they took Awesome care of me.
I had a 25% chance. I was told my sarcoma was in stage 5 the last stage. I had get surgery again and the rest of the sarcoma removed. I choose not to get amputation of my arm and chemotherapy. I figure if it was in its last stages it had already spread. I did radiation treatment and I have been in remission for 14 years. Keep hope, keep praying, and keep your spirit up. During my fight I kept my spirit up and kept living. I went to my treatment like I was going to see my future and my faith played a huge role.

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I was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma back in 1997. It was in my upper left arm. I did not have any treatments other than the 2 surgeries.

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I noticed that this is an old thread. My wife had a deep seated tumor dormant for 13 years before it started to grow. If her doctors--and she went to many--had been knowledgable, she could have had it removed at grade 1, but when it was finally removed it was a grade 3. Her oncologist gave her a 25% chance of making it 2 years and it has now been 2 1/2 years. Her CT interval has been changed from every 3 months to every 6. She is happy about it but with the strong chance of metastasis, I am bothered. She has some things in the poor prognosis camp and others in the better prognosis camp. I have been increasingly depressed knowing that it is unlikely we will grow old together. I am going to see a psychiatrist so that I can be artificially happy. I want her to enjoy life, not be brought down by me. It ma sound stupid to say, but thank you for being a long term survivor. It helps.


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i'm 25 and have been diagnosed wih synovial sarcma near my left hip following long years of pain and tests. the presence of the tumour was confirmed in beg of 2008 following a biopsy. at that time i had just found out i was pregnant with my son who is now 10mths. two months following the birth, the pain and th mass increased and following tests it showed that the tumour had grown fast and had to be removed. once it was confirmed that it was malignant, i had radiation, which i finished end of July 09. now another lump has appeared near the location of the operation and following more MRI's there seems to be other two here. i am awaiting suregery in coming weeks.
i haven't found many similar cases and the information i'm getting is confusing....

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Congrats on your baby boy!
Keep the faith! Everything is very confusing with inital diagnosis. ASK questions of your doctors! If your doctors won't take the time to answer your questions... Get a doctor who will give you the answers and make it understandable to you. There are answers and great doctors out there. Write your questions down and take them to your doctors!
Some doctors specialize in sarcoma. NOT all doctors do. I have sarcoma. Mine however is spindle cell of my left knee. I had radiation before surgery. It returned in my spine, hip, left leg, spleen and liver. I have went through chemo and no longer have active tumors. I have a prosthetic femor a total knee replacement, a by-pass of my femoral artery and a muscle transplant OH yeah and a skin graft. It was all done in a 17 hour surgery performed by specialists at the Cleveland Clinic. I still have my leg and have 85% of the function back!
Good luck to you. Stay strong and fight!

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I was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma at the age of 23 in 1976. It was in my right arm, and removed by radical excision at Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York. I did not have follow-up chemo.

For about five years, I lived in fear - seeing my oncologist every three months. I had a few scares, including one where a technician placed his thumb on my X-ray, which showed up as a lump - but no recurrances.

Gradually, I began to relax, and I was even able to volunteer at Sloan Kettering for a year (before I moved from New York) two nights a week. I delivered a flower to every new patient, and also worked in the childrens ward. The best thing I did was tell new patients that "I was right in a bed like yours just five years ago. Now I'm fine."

Since then, I have married, had two terrific children, a career and a good life.

Today, they have dramatically improved the treatment for all cancers - including synovial sarcoma, and there is every reason to believe this will continue. So please, stay healthy, keep hopeful and enjoy your life.

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Thanks for the hope--everywhere else I look things are really grim. I adore my wife of ten years and want to keep thinking in terms of enjoying my time with her now. Now is what we both have. It's time to veer away from depressing prognostic stats and spend some time with people who have continued to live. Thanks so much. Tad

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In Novemeber 2006 when I was 16 years old I was diagnosed with Synovial Cell Sarcoma in my left forearm. I was told Chemo and radiation would not work for my type and my stage so they had to remove my arm above the elbow in December 06. Life will through you road blocks whether you like it or not, you can stay and complain... go threw it and dwell... or go around it and act like it never happened. I can not be happier, learning to live without my left arm is difficult but far from impossible.

Stay positive and never give up.

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Hi, I was diagnosed with SynovialSarcoma in Oct 2007 in my right shoulder. I got radiation (25 treatments) and surgery. I declined chemotherapy.


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I have been in remission for almost 5 years (March of 2013) I am a 33 year old hispanic female, full of life and ready to take on the world!

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Did it start from a la mall lump or did it look like a masquito bite 

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I had a synovial sarcoma in my left femur it grew to the size of a golf ball I had to get it removed I did 33 days of radiation and 6 months of chemotherapy I beat it in 2009.. I was 19 at the time.. I am 23 and it came back in the same spot they found something in my one of my lungs and they are saying it might be the same thing in my leg.. I just found out that I am pregnant I'm scared to lose the baby and my life Idk what to do.

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