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Enlarged para aortic lymph nodes - need info

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It's been a while since I have posted. I have been out of treatment since December but recently received news of a probable reoccurence (or not having been in remission at all). My CA-125 was 79 after having been 6 in December and 10 in February.

A CT scan was ordered and all that was found was barely enlarged para aortic lymph nodes (by mm, not cm).

My oncologist is going to discuss this with my gynecological oncologist and see if a CT/PET scan should be ordered.

I wanted to see if anyone has started treatment again based on findings like this or is it a wait-and-see situation.

I am suprised how well I'm taking this. I, of course, was very upset when I first got my CA-125 back but now I'm very calm. I am trying to be gentle with my husband and family - I don't think they realize the full implication of all of this.

Thanks for any info you can give me,


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Dearest Kathy, So sorry to hear the reason you are back posting. It sounds like your medical team is on top of this. Each person and Dr is different, some I've heard wait until the ca125 is over 100, some go by the ct-scan, others by the combination of the two. Sounds like your Doc goes by the two things and in my book that is good. Sending lots of prayers for you and your family. Hugs Bonnie

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My oncologist uses CA125 of over 100. I am at 92 last month. I will have a CT on May 4th and see the gyn/onc on the 13th. He uses 2 out of three indications. The last CT did not show anything but my CA125 was only 52 then. (January) Then I will find out what the next step is, waiting or chem. My last chemo was Sept. 2008. Just a bump in the road and we'll fight through it, Kathy. (((Hugs and prayers)) Saundra

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Thanks for your support. I always know that I will get good advice as well. I did talk to my oncologist today. She does want a PET scan since we are not sure that it is cancer enlarging these lymph nodes. It would also be helpful to see if the cancer is forming a 'film' in the abdominal cavity (which is not detectable by CT scan). We also talked briefly about Avastin and 'Toph' as the possible drugs to use this time around. I love my oncologist - she is a fighter for her patients and she is really on top of things. She is also known as 'Atilla the Hun' in my lab for making life difficult for us med techs. You gotta love this as a patient though!

I have already scheduled a trip to Charleston in early May and cancer is not going to stop me. My son-in-law is from that area and he insisted on paying for my airline ticket even though they can barely afford it themselves. He is definitely a keeper. I am blessed to have such a wonderful family.


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HI Kathy, read your post, I too had the para aortic lymph node enlargement. Had surgery 5 years prior for OC stage IIIc, 2 chemos over the next 3 years, then the lymph node problem a few years later.. I had a second surgery to remove those nodes ( which were quite large) and that gave me a 18 month remission from treatment. My Onc said this is quite common with OC and my Onc/surgeon did a fantastic job removing as many nodes as possible in the para aortic chain... please stay on top of it, if I was diagnosed earlier with smaller nodes , as you are now, I could have had chemo to shrink them instead of the surgery... your in my prayers and you WILL be ok !!! 461ocean

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Thanks for the info. It is good to know that there are a couple of options - chemo and/or surgery to deal with these lymph nodes. The PET scan is Tuesday and we'll see if these are isolated pockets of cancer or if there is more involvement.

I was lucky that I read up on this type of testing. My doctor's office said just to not eat 6 hrs before the test and to drink lots of water. When I looked on the website there were additional requirements as well: not to exercise 24 hours before and to not eat any carbohydrates the evening before. I certainly want to get good clear results so I will be doing all of the above. It will be a long week as I await the results. At least I have work to keep me busy.


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