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Bile Duct Cancer

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Hello everyone! My name is Gina. I am 47 years old and I found out yesterday my uncle who is 75 years old has bile duct cancer. I did some research on the internet and have found out that this is a very rare cancer. It is a rare cancer due to it's location. I also found out that he has 2 lymph nodes close to the gall bladder and liver that show they are also cancerous. He had a PET scan and it showed that these places were the only locations the cancer showed up in his body. The doctor told him it was inoperable and not curable. Talk about no hope after that diagnosis. His first appt. for treatment is next week to figure out what his treatment is going to be. I'm wondering at his age if he's going to just give up. The doctor also told him he had around 4 to 6 months to live and with chemo and a miracle might have up to 2 to 3 years. I'm extremely worried that he will slip into depression because he might believe there is no hope for him. Has anyone experienced this type of cancer? Are there any survivors out there? I'm scared for him!! His father died of kidney cancer back in 1983. His fear for many years was getting cancer also. His fear has come true unfortunately. He's been very healthy and active all his life. He has 3 childen and 12 grandchildren. This doesn't even include nieces, nephews, sisters, brother-in-laws etc. I pray there is a great chance that he can have surgery and treatments that will definitely extend his life longer than what the doctor said. I am just very concerned about his state of mind. His father at the age of 70, when he found out, gave up and died within 6 months later. How can family convince him this is worth fighting and him not think about the cost of it all? He has Blue Cross and Blue Shields and Medicare. Cost should never affect what course of treatment to take.

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Sorry to hear about your uncle ..... i lost my father on april 4th ' 09 exactly a month ago today .... he was diagnosed of bile duct cancer with 2 lymph nodes in oct ' 08. he was 59. Its a horriable thing and i have seen my father dying coz of it ..... Good luck !!

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My husband who is 66 was just diagnosed with bile duct cancer that has moved into his lymph nodes around the bile duct and one lymph node near the stomach. No major organs are affected. Because the cancer has metastasized, most oncology surgeons do not consider this an operable cancer. However, James Cancer Center at Ohio State University is doing liver transplants and radical removal and reconstruction of bile duct for people who are physically capable of handling it. There are many clinical trials at different med centers around the country. The cancer your uncle has is not the cancer his father had. Tell him not to give up. Good luck.

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