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I'm 49 just had a Thyroidectomy 3 weeks ago. Pathology was FVPTC .7cm which is good fuly encapsulated excellent prognosis. Anyone else out there? I had a terrific surgeon but my voice is still week, not sure when that will get better. My endo thinks I'm cured and do not need any RAI...Does this sound familiar???

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Papillary thyroid cancer, near total thyroidectomy. The surgeon left tissue around my vocal nerves rather than risk damaging them and I had hashimotos so there was quit a bit of tissue left behind but the carcinoma was 8mm. So I did not have RAI or even a body scan. The surgeon said I needed it but the endo said I didn't. I think I would have declined either way. I am 48 and had my surgery 6 weeks ago.

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I had a 3.5cm papillary carcinoma which was well encapsulated. I opted for the RAI so I could have a little peace of mind later on. I'm 46 and would rather deal with it now while somewhat youngish rather than later. My total thyroidectomy was on 3/18/09,my voice is still gravelly. My surgeon didn't think the RAI was necessary but the endocrinologist was for it. The dieting (thankfully now over but I'm still too nauseaous to eat much) and the hypothyroidism's side effects were/are the worst part of RAI for me. Good luck to you!

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Why didn't they use thyrogen instead of making you hypothyroid?

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Most doctors will not use Thyrogen for the first round on RAI. Going forward for the scans, it is more popular to use it.

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If I were going for RAI I would insist on thyrogen. My doctor withheld my thyroid meds after my surgery and my bp dropped so low after a few days I couldn't get up for more than a few minutes. I started taking my old thyroid meds until she put me on new ones.

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Just wanted to reply because I too have FVPTC. I had a 3.9 cm mass removed in June 2008. I had partial vocal cord paralysis (1 side) following surgery and lost my voice completely for 4 weeks. I now still have vocal cord paresis, with a weak voice, loss of singing voice, and trouble swallowing a year post-surgery. I did have a partial neck dissection as well, however, to remove nodes. If you ever want to talk to someone with your variant, e-mail me at gmthul@yahoo.com.

Good luck!
Gen Thul

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