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blood tests

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i had my surgery almost 3 yrs ago...i had renal cell carconoma stage 1 inclosed in its own bag yet. they removed the tumor which was at the top of my kidney and sitting right against my lung on the left side. i went for my reg checkup in feb.2008 as uausal said i was fine but did blood work. dr called 2 days ago and said the liver emzines were really high and now he wants me to have a bone scan.... what does high liver enzymes have to do with bone . shouldn't they do some tests on the liver instead. if it was on the left side not even next to the liver how come its so high. no one wants to answer these questions.... also i been in treatment for breast cancer now that was on the right side. could the enzymes be from the breast cancer..i have all these questions and no answers...just wondered if anyone else has had this before.

uterine cancer /hysterectomy in 86
kidney cancer with necfrectomy in 2006
breast cancer with partial massectomy nov 2008

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hi, i know how scary it can be when the blood work comes back abnormal. but don't get too far a head of yourself, sometimes these enzymes are elevated for no reason. my mother had colon cancer and twice she's had her tumor markers elevated and after all her imaging tests were normal the dr. said it's just something that happens sometimes.
have you asked the dr. why he's doing a bone scan and not a pet scan or an mri if he's concerned there is something going on. at least you will get to the bottom if God forbid there is something if not, hopefully, you'll know you looked into it.
i had rcc stage 1 with my surgery in dec. 08, i also had breast cancer, surgery in june 05.
it sucks, doesn't it? never knowing when you have an ache or pain if its something bad and if so which one. i try to just take it one day at a time. some days are better than others and i even forget for a short while that i've had cancer. other days its all i think about.
what did you have for treatment with your bc? are you being seen by an oncologist?
can i ask you did you have your kidney removed? how often do you have your blood tests? are you still having ct scans for your kidney cancer? i still see my oncologist every 6 months for my bc with blood work. this will be the first year that i'm having my mammogram once a year instead of every 6 mos. and now i think i will be seen every 6 mos. for this kidney cancer with blood work and ct scans of abdomen and chest.
please ask your dr. any questions that are bothering you.
i wish you the best. and hopefully it will be nothing.

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i did have the kidney partial removed....he said if i was to lose my good kidey then i would at least have part of one and that would keep me off diyalis i get blood work once a yr now for the kidney...for the breast i had radation and a partial masctomy i take a chemo pill called arimidex not had chemo i go to see the bc doctor on tuesday so i'll ask her almy questions. just all at once my back is paining me really bad i dont know if its from cancer or some other reason. it seems like ohh they call you tell you all these bad things then don't bother to answer any questions or they keep you hanging for ever before they decide to do anything.seeing as i had a bone scan in dec that 4 mos where it could of changed
but thanks for the info makes me feel better tc

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In regard of Kidney cancer, Did your blood test showed any abnormal in white blood cell/red blood count?

Did you loose any weight?
Did you have blood in Urine?
Did you have any risk factor or family history of cancer?
Did you have any swollen in your leg?
Did you have any lump in any part of your body?
Did they have you to do any biopsy?

Hope you don't mind of my questions

I just so wonder why they said my Mom had Kidney cancer since we have no any history or risk factor. The ultrasound showed there was a cyst in her right kidney. The MRI w/contrast showed she had lesion in liver. But they asked mom to do the Pet CT/showed some dark spot on her spine. But one of radiologist told us that he can't assure if it's cancer cause the dark spots showed on the Pet Ct is just telling them that there is either an increase activites,infection or inflammation. They asked mom to do the bone Biopsy but it came back no tumor identified. They did the liver biopsy on mom, and it came back dead cells.

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