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metal forks and spoons after Chemo

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I had a lady that works in the Pharmacy tell me that a lot of people cannot eat with regular utensils after Chemo because it makes the food taste bad , she said for us to get plastic , so if you notice a real bad taste after chemo, try plastic, I don't know , because my hub has a Peg and does not eat by mouth ..Jo

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I was told the same thing. I did use metal silverware during and after Chemo and did not have any metallic taste at all. Maybe some of it was due to the fact that I could not taste anything anyway. Even after my taste buds returned, I did not develope the problem of the metallic taste. It's again an individual response as there are those who do and those that don't develope this.

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I had throat cancer in 2005. Treatment was radiation, chemo and surgery. When it was done, my mouth was a mess. Worst of all was the flavor of foods--any foods--water, even. It was terrible beyond expressing. It was almost impossible to get anything past my lips. I lost 50 pounds and got so weak it was hard to stand. Eventually food got less revolting. Now, three years and three months after treatment, food tastes more or less normal. The treatment for throat cancer fries your salivary glands, so eating's a nuisance. I drink a couple of quarts of water at a meal. I'm still eating salad while everybody else is polishing off dessert. I doubt I'll ever have to worry about being overweight, and I'm alive. The VA paid. The medical care was stupendous. I have permanent damage from the treatment, but it did the job. There was a price to pay, but I'm a huge winner!

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