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How to post photos and other items.

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Hatshepsut tried to post a slide show of some sort. I thought she has a great idea that can be a comforting diversion from the grind of cancer. Posting some photos you took, or other expressions you create that has healing properties for them. Preferably, things that you do or did. On all of our "About Me" pages, it has our story and other info we supply. There is also a spot called "Expressions" which is the tab to the right of the "About Me" tab. If you click on that, it has a section that looks like this:
Create: story | poem | photo| audio | blog
From there you can upload photos, write a story or poem, or keep a blog (a Web Log). I was even able to load some audio tracks.

To Hatshepsut, I do not know if this site can handle a slide show. What type is it? Is it a Power Point presentation, or a Flash movie? If I knew what type it is and where it is located (on the web or is it on your own computer) I may be able to help out. I know some HTML and general web stuff.
Let me know if you (or anyone) needs some help, I'll do what I can to help.
It is a fun way to share and it can be a good diversion too.
This might also be a stupid idea that may start a thread that gets out of hand.

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I really like the old subway sign. I don't think about cancer when I see your pictures or read your posts. You're great!

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