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CT scan results

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My 3 month CTscan came back clean! This makes it 10 months I've been NED. Love, love, love it!

I asked my oncologist to wait until the end of August for another scan and he said the magic words "Yes, we could probably go to a 4-6 month CT scan rotation". Now I get to enjoy my summer without a scan in between.

And last but not least, the scale at their office showed I was 2 lbs lighter than the one I have at home. Not only am I NED, I a few lbs. lighter. I'll take all of it!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. They are so appreciated.

Love and hugs,
Cheryl P.

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That's wonderful news! I'm so happy for you! The more people I hear about with the NED status, the more inspired I am. It gives hope to everyone.
Enjoy and celebrate!

God bless,

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That is wonderful news. Take a deep breath and enjoy. Kim

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Time to relax.....keep the good times rolling!


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Joined: Mar 2009

I am thrilled, Cheryl! I did remember you in prayer the last few day, as you know, and was checking the board for your report!

God is so faithful!

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Cheryl, enjoy your continued NED status and have a great summer not having to worry about scan results!

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We need to come up with a catchy NED cheer- I don't know maybe- Happy, Happy,Happy for me I was told I'm NED!!!
Any other ideas folks?
So happy for YOU Cheryl!

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Joined: Mar 2009

I was always the shy kid and not very talented but certainly some of you can help us with a cheer or song!

Dawn, should we get uniforms with semi-colons of the front?


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That's fabulous! I know you're just thrilled!


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Yayayaya Cheryl!! That's wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news about your scan results!! Wow... now you can truly look forward to a fun, warm, hot, whatever summer and enjoy every single minute of it, knowing that life is good!!!

I'm so happy for you!!!


The other Cheryl :)

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You give me hope. I have 3 more rounds of chemo, then I will have my first post-op, post chemo colonoscopy and scans in July/August time frame and I am looking forward to the NED distinction. Fingers and toes crossed!!!

Many Hugs, Vicki

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Posts: 78
Joined: Aug 2006

Thank you so much for all your kind words - it's so appreciated :)

Here's to NED!

Cheryl P.

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