Lung Mass 4cm

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I just discovered that I have a lung mass of 4cm should I be concerned about cancer? I am having a CT scan today.


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    Lung Mass
    One thing I have learned over the years of having cancer (both breast and lung cancer) is that you can't be sure it IS cancer or what kind it is until it has been examined under a microscope. Since lungs are rather tricky to operate on, doctors usually start with x-rays, then CT scans (sometimes two scans spaced about 3 months apart to see if things are growing), and then, if things look like they are growing, a biopsy where the tissues are examined under the microscope. So for right now, take that mass seriously and do whatever tests are ordered. If you have to wait it out between scans, use the time to get in the best shape of your life. Quit smoking if you smoke. Start exercising regularly and eat right so you will have the stamina to do whatever you might need to if you do need surgery sometime in the future be it for cancer or something for something else. But until you get a pathologist's report stating that your mass is indeed cancer, it is just a mass. There are other things that spot could be, some easier to live with, some not. The best thing to do right now is get things checked out and you sound like you are already doing that. Good luck!

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    Yes.... By all means. whenI first heard of my Mass three weeks ago it was 2.9cm and I ran to the doctor immediately. My CT showed the mass and the Biiopsy was negative...However, My doctor was not happy so we went for the PETscan and today I was told it is Cancer and itis malignant...PLEASE DO NOT WAIT.......