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Hello my name is Pam

This is so wierd I have a younger sister that just got over throat cancer a few months ago, then just last month the doctors found that my mother had kidney cancer by accident.Now I get a call from the doctor ON 4-13-09 that they need me to go in to do a cat scan because I have an abnormal growth on my left lung and want to rule out cancer.I was shocked because it cannot happen 3 times in a row or can it? My mom did well so did my sis .I have a good attuide about it but just scared because that was the furthest thing from my mind, I just had bronchial pneumonia really bad 2 months. When you do not have insurance it takes awhile to go to a doctor. Just thought I would write something to whom ever it makes me feel better.I go on Thrus for the test.

Thank you for listening !!!!!!!!!!! PAM


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    i will pray 4 you
    dear pam dont worry im gonna pray for you everything will be ok i know it. my name is allison and i come on this site to talk just so people can listen just like you and i hear you.its ok to be scared its part of life but i will pray for you and your family .....come back and let me know wats going on i know u will be o.k
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    Time for a CAT scan
    Please go for the CAT scan as soon as it can be scheduled. The scan may or may not tell if you have cancer, but it will give your doctor lots more information about your lungs. The CAT scan gives a three-dimensional look at any mass in your lung as well as a view of all the other organs in the area. That really helps the doctors start narrowing down what they are dealing with. In my case, I had a respiratory infection for about 3 months that just wouldn't clear up. I was in the doctor's office or walk-in clinic every few weeks and was convinced that they just weren't giving me the "good" antibiotics. Finally they insisted on a chest x-ray that led to a CAT scan. Three months later (a normal wait if they aren't sure after the first scan that they are looking at cancer) a second CAT scan showed that the nodule that turned up on the first scan was growing. That led to a biopsy and a cancer diagnosis.In my case, the lung cancer was the reason the respiratory infection just wouldn't clear up. In your case, who knows what that abnormal growth is? It could be scar tissue, a spot of infection or who knows what else? Get it checked out and talk to the hospital social worker about getting help with medical costs. They have resources for lots of situations and may be able to help you out. Good luck!

    C. Abbott
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    pam - how are you
    whats the latest results for the tests?

    we are in your corner. you arent alone, even though it sure seems like it sometimes.

    im keeping ya in my thoughts and prayers. please let us know how you are!

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