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Getting things moving

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Apparently, to all my friends and family, I've become the local poo expert. It's true I have done extensive research and have developed my own method for getting things moving and keeping them going. This weekend, shortly after easter dinner I was approached by a friend of a friend who was having constipation problems. She called me today and said the advice I gave her worked. My techniques have helped many of my friends. After the call today, I got to thinking maybe I should share some tips with this board. If you don't have a problem going then you don't have to read any further, but if you ever have problems going maybe these things can help.

1. Get in the right position. The toilets we use are not poo friendly. In fact, they put us in about the most constricting position possible for our bowels. To remedy this keep a small stool by the toilet. Sit down as you normally do, then slide the stool under your feet. You will be surprised how easily things move.
2. Arms up. If things aren't flowing the way the should. Put your hands above your head while clinching your fist. I think this works by simulating holding onto a branch or limb. Who knows, but it is very effective when combined with step 1.
3. Eat fiber. Nothing new here. It takes a few days to be effective but it does work. I like to mix my greens, collards, turnips, and cabbage. The liquid fiber works but fresh veggies are better. I start everyday with a handful of raw fresh spinach.
4. Juice. Fresh juice will get things moving quite nicely. Try leafy greens mixed with apple and carrot juice. Don't forget to throw in some fresh ginger. Freshly juiced ginger is great for digestion and unmatched in nausea control.
5. Magnetic stimulus. It sounds funny. But about 4 inches below the navel is an energy node that has ties to the colon. Try holding a simple magnet in this region a few minutes before and during your movement. When I was fully blocked I kept a magnet taped to this area. I was still able to go with a complete obstruction.
6. Probiotics. I mix it up a bit. Sometimes yoplait +fiber, Dan active, and probiotic milk. All these help.
7. Next to last resort. Colace-Mineral oil. Use as directed. Colace is very gentle and effective. It's basically mineral oil in a capsule.
8. Miralax- other laxative.

I hope this helps somebody

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and i am sure will help loads of people! Funny that you have become such a noted authority on poo that friends of friends approach you on the subject ;)! I suppose we have to be good at something! LOL! I like the natural remedies and that you leave the laxative intervention to last! That's the way it should be!

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Not only will it help loads of people, I'm sure it will help people with loads :-)
Whatever works. I'll probably bookmark this page.

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Well, everybody has their niche, right? *grins* Actually, I'm one of the people who can definitely use your advice so THANKS!


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