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Alternatives to lemon drops?

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I am going in for RAI ablation at the end of April, and I am curious.. has anyone found any good alternatives to sugary candies? I'm not fond of sucking on sugar - not just for my health, but for my teeth as well.

I am thinking of bringing in a container of lemon wedges, but I'm interested to hear if anyone has other suggestions to stimulate salivary flow. Thanks!

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I think I heard sour gummies or regular gummies.. I'll buy both just in case I am going in today.. goood luck!

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How about those sponges they use in post-op--they have a citrus flavor and are very moist. I've ordered some over the internet. I want to have them BEFORE my next surgery in April.

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There is debate on whether to use sours candies at all. My doctor recommended that I do not. First RAI treatment (under another endos care) I used them and had paritod problems. 2nd RAI I did not use sours and have no issues. Supposedly the best thing is to massage under the ear and forward and do this over the 48 hours post RAI.

Good luck with your treament.

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I used sugarless lemon drops - not sure they helped in the long term but it did help when I had pain in my jaw. I also found that lemonade helped. For some reason since the RAI I cannot stand the taste of plain water and since I started drinking lemonade instead many of the symptoms (dry mouth and metallic taste) are going away.

Good luck with you treatment!!


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