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semi colon's who have j pouches

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Hi folks
Do all the folks who posted on semicolon roll call have j-pouches? I thought semi colons was the name for j pouch folks.

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Do you mean the pouches themselves are called semi-colons? I think semi-colon here refers to those of us who have had colon resections. I have an ileostomy, but i don't know what j pouches even are. I just have regular wafers and pouches. The pouches have a velcro opening at the bottom.


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The j-pouch is a sphincter preserving low rectal anasthemosis surgery where the rectum is removed and the desending colon pulled down, looped back into a "j" to form a new rectum.This is a tricky surgery designed to avoid ostomies.
Often an ileostomy will be used until the surgery heals, for a couple of months. J-pouch folks have their own set of challenges since the "new rectum" doesn't know it is supposed to store "stuff" and wants to keep acting like a colon. Fortunately it gets better over time.
See www.j-pouch.org for the nitty gritty. I would like a thread for j-pouchers if anyone is interested.

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Just had an interesting 'challenge' with mine tonight...lol...sitting too long, not enough water and fiber...sigh...

I agree, it CAN be a challenge...but, as I have said before, 4 years out from surgery, I'll match my 'new' rectum up against anyone who has an 'old' rectum....ROFL!

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Serrana and others,

Although I don't have one, I remember coming across a website a while back called "the j pouch group". It's a website with a discussion board like this, but it's completely just for people with j pouches. Some of the people had them as a result of cancer and some of the people had ulcerative colitis and other such type problems that resulted in them having surgery resulting in a j pouch. You could try googling the J pouch group and see if it comes up. Best wishes-

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