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question for anyone re: my mom

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Linda, Ro Deanna, anyone on this discussion board, i have a question. My mom had a complete abdominal hysterectomy march 12th 09, had UPSC stage 1a.
She is doing quite well for her being 85, but now today (she lives next door) said she thought she may be worrying for nothing, but she had a slight itch so she looked to see what was on her breast. Well, it's a small white dot in the center of her nipple. She is very scared. It doesn't hurt but we have a walk in mammogram clinic at Kaiser and i am driving her over there within the hour as she has NOT had a mammo in several years. It seems once you are diagnosed with cancer, any of these types of things puts a scare into you. So i wondered if anyone had heard of this. I know UPSC is so aggressive and she is getting no chemo due to it being stage 1a and also being elderly she didn't want to be sick and her oncologist did not recommend chemo. The drs saw no evidence of spreading, but to be safe i want her to get a mammo. She didn't want to go but i talked her into it. It's hard when she's feeling so much better, just extremely tired and now this scare for her. Anyone out there heard of this?
Thanks to all of you.
A blessed and peaceful and healthy Easter for all of you.
Cookie aka Linda

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I was wondering how your Mom was doing. Sorry to hear about the new problem. I think you are right to have it checked out. When anything seems abnormal you should have it checked out. Hopefully it is just a blocked duct or something, but the fear of the unknown can cause a lot of anxiety. I hope that by the time you get this message your worries are relieved. Hope your Mom continues to get stronger every day. Both of you have been through so much. Wishing you some peace and a Happy Easter . HUGS to you.

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I've gotten those little white bumps on my nipples off and on for decades, ever since I breast-fed my babies back in the 70's. (As a hippie chick, I nursed my babies until they had teeth!) I had it checked the first time, was told it was perfectly normal. Please let us know what the mammogram showed. It's good for your mom to start having routine mammograms every year anyway, so it's good you took her.

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Thanks again so much Ro and Linda. I did take my mom to the mammogram place, but they were so booked and when i described the spot they said they'd rather have her have a mammo at the actual hospital and they can examine it i assume also there. It's a regular breast clinic i guess. To tell u the truth i'm not too worried. but anyway, they could not fit her in today, so i have an appt to take her monday at 2:30. I think it's what u said Linda, altho at 85 she sure is getting some strange things. She laughs and says "hey when u live long you gotta get something." lol, anyway, i'll get her checked out monday and hopefully it's nothing but a plugged duct or something. It is dead center of the one nipple, sorta like a white dot like a cyst or some fluid in it? anyway, thanks again. I do not want to take her to an emergency room for this and she wouldn't go for that anyway. no pain either. I hope it's nothing really, but at this age? a plugged duct? i could see if she breast fed but she never did and kinda old don't ya think? Her and i just laughed, but at first i was worried. I feel better now that u both posted to me. I'll post next week what this thing is and what they'll do. I thank all of your for your continued support. I feel that you women have got to be the BEST of the BEST.
Have a nice Easter and a beautiful weekend. My best always,
Cookie aka Linda :)

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Linda, sounds like you have it all under control. I have had those white itchy bumps come up on my nipples before and I have never been pregnant or breast fed. I think they are just similar to a pimple. I think you are doing the right thing by getting her checked out, but I wouldn't worry too much.
Hope you and your mom have a very Happy Easter!

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