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Childhood Medullablastoma

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I have a 2 year old nephew that has just been diagnosed with Medullablastoma. I have been desperately trying to find an adult survivor from this cancer that was diagnosed at a very young age (under 3) and have had no luck. I am hoping that someone has some information on dealing with this cancer from this early age. Can someone please reach out to me??? Thank you.

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Hi! My sister had a medullablastoma when she was 2, back in 1981. She received INTENSE radiation therapy, which left her with mental retardation and some physical disabilities. My parents and the doctors took what was then extreme measures in order to save my sister's life. My sister is now 29 years old, and is a doll. She is mentally 2, but upon asking my parents, they would not go back and take back the radiation, because that is what saved her life. Im not sure what the difference is for treatment now, since in 1981 it was still fairly radical to use the amount of radiation that they used on my sister. Regardless, I know that prayers and community support helped my parents and family to get through the days in the hospital, and while Sarah has had some difficulties due to her initial tumor, she is a joy to be around on a day to day basis and brightens the lives of everyone around her. She is on her way down to visit me at college tomorrow, and all of my colleagues and friends are excited to meet her, since I spend so much time talking about her!!

I am walking for the Relay for Life on Saturday in honor of my little trooper of a sister. Please feel free to visit my relay page for a picture of the cutie pie.

Your nephew, and your family, are now firmly in my prayers. Keep your faith and hope alive. And give him TONS of hugs.



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My name is Andrea Rivera and I am a survivor of medullablastoma.I was diagnosed when I was 22 and I'm currently 24. I understand what you must be dealing with and would like to offer my help as much as I can.

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My younger sister just had surgery yesterday and found out that she had a tumor the day before. As you can imagine, we are all numb. She is 17. I am sure all of us have not slept well last night and are researching and looking for some signs of hope.
Given your age I am thinking that you may be able to offer some hope for me, us and her. We havent told her the full prognosis yet. We wanted her to get thru the surgery and also to get the final results from pathology. We are in Albany, NY
any words of wisdom at this point?

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In 1982 my daughter was 20 months old when diagnosed with medullablastoma. Surgery was done but could not remove any of it. A spinal tap revealed cancerous cells in the fluid. She went through maximum radiation at Boston Childrens Hospital for 8 weeks. Doctors gave her estimate survival of 6-9 months. She is now 29 years old, graduated from high school and has worked at Wal Mart for 11 years. Drives herself to & from work. Due to the amount of radiation, her hair is extremely thin, her stature is quit short due to the spine being radiated, has a slight limp which isn't terribly noticeable, inferior balance, left side slightly slower than normal. A shunt valve only was implanted. After her surgery she had to re-learn to walk as well as other co-ordination tasks. I kept a dailey log with me so if needed I could look up her progression if asked by medical staff because I was numbed for weeks after her diagnosis and was afraid I would not be able to recall events if the Doctors needed any info. I'm glad I did keep the log because even today I still read it occasionally and truly realize what she went through. I know this road of having a sick child is rough, but somehow God gives strength to do what we must. Feel free to reply, Donnie.

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I had my malignant brain tumor at age 4. My birthday is August 22 and I will be 49. I too had surgery, radiation to the brain as well as spine. Did your daughter have radiation to her entire brain? I had radiation to half my brain. When cells were found on spinal tap I had radiation to the spine. Is radiation given to the entire spine? My parents don't like to talk about my illness so I will never know. I got my hospital records from NYU in NY but they aren't that good. I wonder if you can help me understand how hard it is for a parent experiencing this with their child. As I mentioned my parents feel bad when I attempt to ask anything about my illness. Is it that you feel its something you did, even if you know it's not. As a survivor I have found out that you can't push a person or expect something from them that isn't realistic for them.

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Hello  -  if you are still available curious how your daughter was able to perform at school.

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my son is 4 1/2 and we had the cancer diagnosis on Friday. I am also desperately seeking a survivor to reach out to give my wife peace of mind and me some hope.

Matty, I am glad to read your post. Maybe I can talk with your parents and help them deal with what they went through. I can tell you i woke up this morning shaking with anxiety, fear and devastation. I cried for thirty minutes Before i had to start work and ready myself for the day ahead today. Wife is still in the hospital with our son so im glad she doesnt see this part of me. It seems this is how every day has begun this week. My wife tried to blame herself at the start but i and our surgeon told her to stop with that. The strain on our relationship has been huge as well, each taking turns in being mean.

rorywestfold@hotmail.com im on facebook.


thank you.



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I am new to the website.

I am not from the U.S, but am looking to be an inspiration and if so speak with others going trhough simillar things as I.

Am 26, going to be 27, diagnosed with malignant medulloblastoma at age 2 and 8 months.

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