Hive's Due To CT-Scan

I was recently diagnos with cervical cancer...
They did a CT-Scan to see where exactly it was and if it was in my bladder and or rectum..
I didn't get hive's at the hospital...
I got them the next day...Really bad
Any advice on what to do...Beside's callin my dr...?


  • deanna14
    deanna14 Member Posts: 732
    You really do need to let your dr. know...
    Have you tried an antihistamine like benadryl?
  • LolarnS
    LolarnS Member Posts: 2
    Hey Marybell,

    I was diagnosed with cerv. cancer in Nov 2008. Treatment finished up in March of this year...first CT scan in April. I had the same reaction---could NOT stop scratching all the places I itched. I've come to find out this: I am allergic to the iodine injection that is part of the scan. (I initially thought it was the barium sulfate, but the guy at the cancer center told me it was the iodine.) (I also have shellfish allergies, but I still eat shrimp---just can't give that up.)

    Anyway, I was put on prednisone (a steriod, and I hate steroids) and told to take benadryl. I'm doing 1 PET scan a year and 1 CT scan---so my next CT will be in Jan. I'll take the steriod and the benadryl before I have the scan to help with the hives.

    Hope this helps---good luck with your next scan!!